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Michael Dinolfo

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#5084503 What's your opinion on Game Makers?

Posted by on 09 August 2013 - 03:58 PM

Not everyone is a programmer.  I am one, yet I have used Construct 2 and Game Maker to produce games.


I could have picked up SFML and coded my games the longer way, but I have little desire to write a game engine.  I'm 100% certain if I had to write an engine in order to produce a game that I would have never completed my game.  Writing a rendering pipeline sounds like a nightmare to me, and I'm happy for anyone who thinks they would enjoy it.


Tools like Construct 2 and Game Maker are limited in many ways.  I grew out of them and moved on.  I don't see why a non-programmer couldn't learn to program if they wanted to, and move on the same.  Meaning, I do not think having programming ability and using a game creation suite are mutually exclusive.

#4994434 How to Unsettle a Player

Posted by on 27 October 2012 - 09:41 AM

I would add in events that represent common fears amongst people.
  • Unknown - The less we know and see, the better. Ambiance. Creaking, walking sounds. Scratching. A flickering shadow in the corner that vanishes. Some of these should actually represent the monsterous elements, though some could be happenstance.
  • Mirrors - Some people are terrified of mirrors in the dark. I think the fear could be related to seeing something behind you or more with your features being off. Again, players should not have the opportunity to stare, evaluate, and deem the event as a non-threat.
  • The Dark - Something moving. Looking out the window and seeing something slowly swim up from the blackness.
  • Mental Degradation - As already mentioned by Tobi. I'd suggest keeping the effects subtle until a full mental breakdown so it doesn't become laughable.
  • Stalked in a Place of Safety - Attacks in a bathroom or other places in extreme privacy. In a game setting: maybe have certain conditions protect the player (ex being in full light scares the shadow creatures away, though they should menace from a distance for effect) but eventually that stops working (ex. player hides in a lit garage, door ripped off by the slow, invincible baddie you mentioned)
  • Being alone - There should be a depection of safety, harbor, but it should be rare. No one is there to save you. Things we take for granted for contact are shown to stop working: internet, cell phones, television. Maybe the player finally finds a CB radio in the shed and something happens to prevent them from calling for help.
I would move away from endless chase. I find it gets tiring after 20 minutes, so maybe break it up with other events.

Just some thoughts. I'd love to hear more about the progress on your game!