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Money making opportunities with Python game dev?

10 November 2012 - 11:26 AM

The past few weeks I've been getting into Python and HTML a lot. I like them because they are easier than other languages I've attempted in the past. Problem is, if I sink several thousand hours into perfecting my Python skills...what do I have to gain from it? I don't plan on joining any big game or software companies ever - programming will always be an independent hobby for me. But if I can't even make a little money off of it I may just drop it for a different language altogether. For example: with flash games you can at least submit them to Newgrounds and Kongregate and other gaming sites and make ad revenue. You can do that with java games on some sites as well. C++ you can make phone apps to sell.....Python doesn't seem to have these opportunities that I know of?

Are any Python game programmers making money off of the games they've made? Any ideas how I can at least make a little profit off of the work I do in this language? I'm thinking long term here. I don't seriously expect to start cranking out AAA games by next month and selling them.

Just starting out...python a good choice?

27 October 2012 - 02:58 PM

Recently I've become inspired to start programming something. I know I'm probably years off of making actual games but I would love to reach that point eventually. I just started learning HTML for website design purposes. I figured if I don't get far with this then at least I will have a basic grasp on how to change up my own personal website (albeit a very basic grasp).

A friend recommended I start learning Python before anything hard like C++. I would like to someday be making games...are Python and HTML good choices starting out?