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#4994747 Creating a game with programming

Posted by on 28 October 2012 - 10:26 AM

Try out python. It is a very easy programming language, much easier than C and C#. Also there is a free pdf available for it "invent your own computer games with python" online. The book makes it possible to learn python as well as make small games while learning.

You know Visual Basic well? I worked with VB2010 and made some small games. You can also try that out. There is a game tutorial available on MSDN library for making a simple maze in VB. If you have the complete visual studio then there is a sample tetris type game made in it. You can look up that.

By "just programming" I hope that you don't mean that you won't use anything else. Because if that is true then you will miss out on the greatest opportunity. Game engines. I recently found out about game engines and am using Unity3D game engine. It is great. I can make games easily in it. Of course it will take some time and learning but there are lot of tutorials available online.

Look up on internet about these 3 options. After that if there are questions just ask.
Happy Game Development