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Help with 2.5D

16 June 2013 - 08:46 AM

Hello All,


Ok, so i'm doing some pixel art in order to get a feel of what my tilemap-engine should be capable of. This is the first time i venture into the world of pixel art and 2.5D projection. I have more or less decide on a side-top view projection (i think its called) but i'm having trouble to comprehending how i should portray my tents when looking at them from the side. 


Basically, i'm rather happy with tent 1+3 and 8 is just from behind. But i feel that i need to have a tent from a side view, to reduce repeat ability in the world. In the drawing these attempts would be 4+5, but they don't look good and a significantly smaller. (read the tiles - increasing from left to right)






Am i doing it correct? Or is it simple not possible as from the sideview of a tent there is little distance in the .5D dimesion?


Do you guys have any suggestions on how i may portray the tent in some other way which difference from the 1+3, but still retain the style/feel?


I have been searching the internet on this 2.5D style but I cant find much. Isometric is standard, but what is this 2.5D style im making "officially" called?


Thanks in advance