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Game design, ideas and concepts

08 November 2012 - 05:41 PM

Hello, After browsing a number of indie game forums you come across a lot of topics about people pushing ideas and trying to get someone with an actual ability to make games to work on their "brilliant ideas", in the end most of these attempts don't go anywhere, since there a LOT more ideas out there than there are "muscle"(actual game making skills) to make it work, in the end you can browse through loads of ideas and projects that just stuck, people who can make games have usually enough ideas on their own and people usually value their own ideas and concepts more than anyone else's.

Although there are thousands participants on the forums and many with technical skills, getting together and working on a single project is very hard unless you already create something attractive enough , if you just have a " brilliant idea" you will be dismissed or ignored in most cases rightfully so, since people usually unaware that their ideas suck, and as I said above - too many ideas and not enough "muscle".

What if people with "brilliant ideas" first get together and turn these ideas into well thought out game design/mechanics to a point where it could be presented to a gamedeveloper(s) as a blueprint for a game, like a scriptwriter who offers his script to a movie director.

What ya think?