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#4997522 [IrrLicht] How can I change the size of font

Posted by on 05 November 2012 - 04:46 AM

I encounter a question about how to change the size of font [irrlicht-1.7.3], need a function like SetScale(f32 scale), the size of font change over time. I just touch with IrrLicht less a week. so what can I do? inherit some class or ?in detail, Thanks in advance.

You can't directly, the standard way in irrlicht is you use the font generator tool provided and create the different sizes that you need and then load the instance you need for the correct size. If you don't want to do that what you can do is use the class for multi byte font rendering http://irrlicht.sour...pic.php?t=37296 that can be used instead and with ttf fonts which allows you to set the size when creating the font.