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#4999273 Final Year Project

Posted by on 09 November 2012 - 07:27 AM


I'm looking on some advice on my final year project.
I'm trying to create a simple 2D Shooter game with destructible environment (e.g. Liero/Worms) and I'm quite capable of doing this.
Problem is I want to have a LAN game mode and i am totally new to this topic. My main coding
language is C++ I do have experience with Java/Allegro 5. During this year i am doing few projects based on DirectX11 but I'm still learning it... for
that reason I'm looking advice on:

- what would be the best library to use for networking ( fast and easy to learn )
- maybe you know any good tutorials that are worth looking into
- should I still use Allegro 5 for that project since I'm familiar with it or should I go for some other library that is quite easy to learn and I could use it for my destructible world ( mostly working on pixels, disjoint and flooding algorithms)
- is it possible to achieve that under 400 working hours?

I would like to make it really simple but the main focus of my project is create networked game.

If you need more information just ask.