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Puzzle Game Concept: given the solution to re-create the problem

21 November 2014 - 12:47 AM

Hey guys, just thought this up a while ago and thought it was an interesting concept so i did a quick write-up. I'm attempting to keep it as simple as possible, while providing a tactical depth so that the puzzles can be hard. Just Thought you might take a look and provide insight or just say what you like about ti and what you don't.


Name: Polar War (polar meaning polar opposite and war coming from its use in the game)

Genre: Puzzle (tactical analysis)

Core: A puzzle game where you are given the solution (end result) and have to re-create the problem

Focus: Tactical War



You are situated on a tactical map. There is another map that contains the ‘solution’ which is the end result of the puzzle. The enemy is assembled in their original positions, and your job is to assemble your troops into positions that will produce the same end result you’ve seen. Enemies will only advance and respond to the AI they were given (their actions are predetermined and you can see them).


You predetermine all the actions of your troops before the scenario begins, the scenario is then played out in a timely fashion and then checks if the solution created by your problem matches the solution given. Can be retried as many times as possible.


The Map

The map will be a flat board (10 x 20 grid) with terrains providing an environmental change within the game. For example, you can hide some of your troops in a river, or put a sniper above on a cliff. Each environment used properly gives you a distinct advantage, however your aim is not to defeat the enemy but rather re-create the scenario presented in the solution.



River (Blue): Provides a place for Underwater Troopers (are not inhibited). Inhibits movement. Inhibits Equipment.


Cliff (Grey):  Provides cover and birds’ eye view for sniper. Improves range. Harder for enemy snipers to pinpoint your fire.


Sheer Mountains (cannot travel on) (Brown): Provides narrow entrances and exits. Demolitions occurring within the mountainous area causes a landslide and kills anyone within the open areas.


Starting Area (Green): place where you can situate the initial position of your troops. Enemy troops positions are predetermined


Troops (Black): A unit who is categorized as one of the following: Sniper, Demolitions Expert, Trooper or Underwater Trooper.




Sniper: Long-range sniper. Once shot is fired, is revealed to other snipers.

                Decisions: Fire Specific Target, Move, wait for enemy sniper fire then kill them, reload gun

                May carry (cap 2): Rifle, knife, ammo


Demolitions Expert: An expert in creating explosions. Only one who can handle dynamite. Only revealed to enemy when activating explosives, or setting explosives (if within a certain radius)

                Decisions: Move, set up explosive, activate explosive, pass ammo, throw grenade

                May carry (cap 2): Dynamite, Timed Dynamite, ammo, grenade


Trooper: A frontal ground unit. Revealed to other enemies at all times.

Decisions: Move, Fire specific target, fire closest target, cover fire, reload gun, pass ammo, throw grenade

                May carry (cap 2): Pistol, Shotgun, knife, ammo, grenade


Underwater Trooper: A hidden ground unit. Invisible underwater. Revealed to all other enemies above water.

Decisions: Fire, Reload harpoon, Drag underwater and suffocate, pass ammo, come out of water, throw grenade

                May carry (cap 2): Harpoon, Knife, Ammo, Underwater Breathing apparatus, grenade



Grenade: provides an explosion within a small radius. Can be held onto for greater affect. Can have more than one.


Dynamite (exclusive to demolitions expert): large explosive, can be set and remotely activated. Can have more than one.


Time Dynamite (exclusive to demolitions expert): large explosive, can be set to a time and activated when finished. Can have more than one.


Rifle: Instant kill when it hits. Requires a long reload. Shooting identifies your location to enemy snipers. Can only have one. Holds one ammo per clip.


Underwater breathing apparatus: limited time of 3 hours. Cannot be more than one per person. Cannot be reused.


Ammo: An entire reload clip for one gun, reloading early causes you to lose the rest of your last clip. Can have more than one.


Harpoon. Instant-kill underwater. Above-water, target gets maimed and loses one of its equipment (equipment loss is chosen). Cannot hold more than one. Holds one ammo per clip.


Pistol: injures on first bullet, kills on second. Cannot carry more than one. Holds 3 ammo per clip.


Shotgun: if within 2 squares, kills instantly. Outside of 4 yards, target is not affected. Cannot carry more than one. Holds two ammo per clip.


Knife: if within one square, a lunge attack maims target and they lose one equipment (equipment loss chosen). Second attack maims but no equipment loss and third attack kills. Cannot carry more than one.

looking for somewhere I can post a game review (for university)

30 October 2014 - 02:41 AM

Hey guys, I have to write a review and upload it onto a site as part of one of my university assessments. Does anyone know any sites besides metacritic (my review was too long for it) that allow users to upload their own reviews. Been trawling through various sites for quite a while, but all of them seem to have you send them a review to be processed on a chance of having it put on their site.


What I'm looking for is a site that allows you to simply upload your own review. I'd greatly appreciate the help.

quick concept - take a look?

08 July 2014 - 01:45 AM

as the title says, quick and dirty. I haven't thought through it yet, only wrote up my the concept, bit of background and an explanation of various things. Looking for a couple of things.


has this been done somewhere (concept wise)? If so, where?

and any ideas or thoughts on it, even if its to say don't do this idea.


thanks for your time.


EDIT: I just realised my basic concept doesn't cover how the gameplay itself will work. It'll be a building game, with exploration and fighting etc. you'll also be able to create living things, making you sort of a god. you have to defend your base and go out and explore for resources, attacking areas that are defended. I'll probably be adding that living things are attracted to resources subconsciously, so the more powerful the resource the larger and harder the force you face. I'm sorry im not more specific about what the game is, since I was looking at how it is.


EDIT: to be honest, I just realised how off-putting my title is so I changed it :/


Basic concept
you're a Runewalker, humans with the ability to create objects out of runecrafted schematics. The resources themselves are the power, the runes only channel that power. The rarer the resource, the more powerful its rune magic.
Short background
You're the last of your kind. An event similar to the one that killed the dinosaurs so long ago occurred when least expected. Your father, a prodigy in the world of runewalkers, shoved you in a prototype box made out of the rarest resource in the world, space rock. This box acted as a life support for 500 years (the main character does not know how long its been), it was as if time was frozen inside. However when he awoke and the box opened, all he could see was wasteland and emptiness. Was anyone still left.
Were they even human anymore.
basic gameplay mechanics
runes: runes are resources made into certain shapes, each shape representing something different: i.e. nature, civilisation etc. runes only channel the resources power however.
Resources: resources are not of the same concept as those of Earth. resources in this world literally mean objects with power. This power is channeled into runes in order to craft various things. Resources could be anything from stone to gold to wood, they could be certain pieces of wood while not others from the same tree. Because of this, only those who can identify a resources wavelengths are able to use this power. They are called Runewalkers.
note: wood can be crafted into a civilisation rune, gold can be crafted into a nature rune. It doesn't matter, only the power does. however, each different material puts its own unique spin on what is crafted. a plant crafted rune made into a house will have some visual change of a garden sorrounding the house etc. and defenses will be plant defenses (think plants vs zombies). This is only aesthetic change, nothing else. however it'll provide a nice variety.
wavelengths: in essence, wavelengths are their 'power'. However, the larger the wavelength doesnt necessarily mean the wavelength is more powerful. each wavelength is different, they have different frequencies; differenct colours; different sizes etc. anyone can see a wavelength, only runewalkers can identify them. It's a 6th sense, they just know what a wavelength is. This is why it cannot be reproduced. They are very rare, and so extremely honored.
runecrafted schematics: schematics crafted out of runes. Once a rune has been crafted into its type, it cannot be changed even if its shape is changed. This allows for the melding of runes in order to create a larger mass. the more powerful and bigger the item being made, the more runes needed. Both power and size are not directly linked, having a huge powerful object will cost a lot more then just a powerful object. This is how schematics are made. It requires great skill as you have to manipulate wavelengths in order to match each other. The rarer the resource, the harder it is.
note: you can make a defense schematic and use it, then craft an additional schematic that adds on, say, a more powerful cannon. It's an early skill developed for Runewalkers in order to reduce waste, as you only need the runes to add the extra defense, and not the whole defence.
note: once a schematic is used, it breaks.
how rarity works: you can build the same things with rarer resources, they will just be more powerful. Some of the rarest materials hold special properties that give unique positive bonsues to what is crafted out of them. Where as all the basic resources have special properties that give unique negative bonuses to what is crafted out of them. This excludes the basic schematics.

Good game design software?

23 May 2014 - 09:33 AM

Silly question I know, however I'm looking for game design software, not game making software. That is, I want something that I can design a game in, then move into another program such as unity to create it. Because of the really iffy definition of game design, which has always been a problem and never officially corrected, I can't really find anything i'm looking for through google.


I'd appreciate any and all links, thanks.

two topics I'd like to acquire help on

05 December 2013 - 03:32 AM

So I'm looking into really starting to game design, as I self-learned everything I know. What I'm really searching for is some articles or other various places to access in order to help me.


I'd first like to get to know general game design better, not anything specific but rather an overall view on game design and what it's about.


The second thing I'd like to research is game design documents. I've seen various different ones, and I'm finding many conflicted views and ideas in them. Can you give me personal recommendations?


this is where I'd like to start, I'd appreciate the help.