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#5000529 You Should Steal From Other Game Designers

Posted by on 13 November 2012 - 05:34 AM

I think that explains why "original" games nowadays are as rare as dodo birds. Because "stealing" (creative or not) of game design is considered something normal. The correct approach is simple: draw insipration from life, not from other games. Too bad this is too difficult for many to pull out.

It seems like you commented on the article title without reading it. That's not the point.

And what's the point then? Yeah, i watched gameplay trailer of fast fast fast laser, it looks nothing like bomberman. The only screenshot on that page is bomberman screen, so i assumed that game is similar. It would be much more helpful if article featured screenshots for fast laser itself, and pointed out differences. And not just "Harr harr we took ideas from bomberman, look how smart we are"

And I still insist that taking mechanics from other games directly is wrong. Nice that this is not the case here.

*sighs* I guess I have to throw out all of my games, cause they're all supposedly wrong for taking mechanics from other games...

yep, you heard me. There is not a single new game anymore that has not taken some form of mechanic from another game, intentional or not. Why? Because the whole general game design theory's have already been created. That's why games are defined in "genres", because they are defining your game based on a criteria given through the knowledge of previous games. It's an utter disgrace for you to put down a game simply because it took inspiration from another.

There's a difference between Inspiration vs. Imitation.

This. It is when inspiration crosses over to imitation that taking mechanics from another game becomes a problem. You have to differentiate between the two when creating such a game, and understand how to split into a new path with your game and make it semi-original (cause nothings original these days).