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Time to learn writing a 3D rendering engine from scratch

06 November 2012 - 10:21 AM

Hello graphic technicians,

so I choose this topic name since I kinda have the same goal, but totally different intentions and knowledge in this field, as the TS of the original topic.

I am a computer science student at a college of applied sciences in Germany. I have finished all my courses and now I am starting my work on my bachelor thesis. Starting means finding a topic and doing research at the moment for me. I worked on a non graphic related idea so far but dropped it recently since I wasn't enjoying what i was doing. It had to do with storage management and deduplication. So now I want to try something different. Something I am personally interested in but unfortunately had no chance in getting more into it so far: computer graphics. The problem is we don't really have a professor who is specialized in this field. Which mainly is why I have no experience here.
The nearest thing I did was a course about audio & video programming lectured by a prof. who worked at steinberg. Off him I learned my basic C++ skills.

So I was thinking about a good way (project) to learn about graphical programming which I an turn into an bachelors thesis if things go right. Since I have non experience whatsoever I want to start whatever project from scratch. A rendering engine strikes me as the a very basic element of any graphical program so I think it would fit the theme of understanding the fundamentals. Also the idea would be to find a more specific subject for my bachelor thesis once I got to know the field better. But in the end it will surely not be a highly elaborate thesis.

Here come the questions: What books can you recommend for me? I am looking for graphic related literature as well as something to get better in C++. What do you think of starting with a rendering engine? Would it be smarter to pic a different topic?

let this be the start of a new beginning