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#5020407 A Few Helpful Tips: "Is My Music Useful To Game Dev?"

Posted by on 11 January 2013 - 12:42 PM

Thank you Nathan for the extra information!  Been playing with FMOD a little.  Very interesting stuff.
Brainstorming on the new collection of music we are making for the game developers here and we were hoping some of you would add to the list, however we are pushing ahead with our first “free” non-profit set for everyone here at gamedev.  Which will most likely include the above mentioned brainstorming.
  It’s a bit different coming from the “static” side of production music to something “interactive”.  Thank you again for the direction. 

#5010644 A Few Helpful Tips: "Is My Music Useful To Game Dev?"

Posted by on 14 December 2012 - 10:10 AM

I've come up with a list of possible in-game moments and some overall music needs for games. Please comment and suggest Thank you! - liftedCREATION

Intro to musical arrangement - (Suitable intro with nice build-up to main theme 1:00 . Wav) { Light Orchestra } -> Blend in with “In-Game Music”

“In-Game Music” - (Subtle & Engaging / 2:30 Looping .Wavs) { Light Orchestra } -> “Ambience”, “Battle Music”, “Cut Scenes”
“Ambience 1, 2 & 3” - (Quiet & Subtle / 2:30 Looping .Wavs) { Light Orchestra }
“Battle Music 1, 2 & 3” - (Orchestrated & Epic / 1:30 .Wavs) { Percussion, Full Blown Orchestra }
“Cut Scenes 1, 2 & 3” – (In depth & revealing / 2:30 .Wavs) { Light Orchestra }

“Being Chased” - (Fast & Edgy / 2:30 Looping .Wavs) { Percussion, Horns, Trumpets } -> “Battle Music”
“Close Calls” – (Holy Crap Moments / :15 .Wavs) { Percussion, Strings, Bells } -> “In-Game Music”
“Character Dies” - (Sad & Emotional / :10 .Wav) {Cellos, Violins, Tuba } ->
“Character Lives” - (Incredible & Magical / :10 .Wav) { Horns, Flutes, Harps } ->
“Mission Success” - (Thrilling & Congratulatory / .30 .Wav) {Chimes, Victory Horns }
“Mission Failure” - (Disappointment & Regret / .30 .Wav { Strings, Sad Slow Horns }
“Continue” – (Engaging / :10 .Wav) { Light Orchestra } -> “In-Game Music”
“Load Screen” - (Hypnotic & Trance Subtle / .30 Looping .Wav { Strings, Light Percussion }
“Title Screen” - (Memorizing & Hypnotic / :30 Looping .Wav) { Percussion, Orchestra }
“Mission Screen” – Intense & Down to Business / :30 Looping .Wav){ Percussion, Orchestra }
“Menu Buttons”- (Click/Select, Over, Back, Up/Down, Error) { Bells, Chimes and Special FX }
“Misc. Moments” - (Different Stabs and Scales - Misc. Music ) { Bells, Chimes, Interesting Instruments }
“Special Effects” - (Different Whooshes and Transitional Elements for Menus and Screens)

“End Credits 1& 2” - (Conclusion & Relieving / 2:30 .Wavs) { Full Orchestra }

We don't make games, so these are mostly educated guesses to what you game developers might need and are looking for...Please advise further.

#5009948 A Few Helpful Tips: "Is My Music Useful To Game Dev?"

Posted by on 12 December 2012 - 02:29 PM

Nice post Nate,

You make some very valid points and concerns to think about while gearing up to make production music for games. Personally I am having a hard time knowing what game designers are capable of, for instance...what can and what can't they do...

Basically I am viewing this as a "choose your own music theme". We start with themed intro, then basic background loop,then A-E transitional themed elements to -> A-E loops (A = Ambush, B = Alerting, C = Find Clue...etc..D, E)...then to A-E outros -> back to basic loop, at some point the end.

While programming this in-game, do/can game developers just loop .wav files and can pick and choose, with-out glitches? Would it be better to Fade out and Fade in for transitions...like you said,

- Does it loop seamlessy? I have yet to see a single one of these kinds of posts feature their music looping. If the client wants it to loop, can you make it do that?

Also on a quick side note. What about special effects, for instance, reverb and the like, do game designers like to add their own in-game audio effects?

Can they play more than one track at a time? For instance, We have our awesome background track....and in come some drums because there is a surprise or something...are they capable of timing the music with the background track, fade in and out, etc.?

One more thing...what about naming and sorting all these music files? Does anyone have any preferences?

Thank you in advance,