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#5130381 Need help with right tools to use in a project

Posted by on 10 February 2014 - 02:54 PM

Hey good people, I need your help.


Me and a bunch of people are starting a project, which is an MMO game, consisting of little mini-games inside of the game itself, and it HAS to run in any computer, android phones, ios tablets, and so on. 


Problem is, we are very confused about what technologies to use, and I expect a little bit of help here. We are very inclined to use html5, because its very cross-platform and not player-based, like Unity. We think Unity is a bad idea because we know many users stop in the install player step.


Right, so to create an MMO cross-platform game, what would you recommend about Engines, IDEs, Networking Tools, and all sort of technologies. I appreciate any direct help or links to useful information about this stuff.