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In Topic: Multy player Game limit per area

16 July 2015 - 07:50 AM

Thx guys. I had this idea for an PVP MMO where individual players could roam a vaste world and go anywhere they want and  where they could ask other players to become allies in order to acheive a gold. but I realize i'll have the create some kind of venture group(Max. 15 players) tracking intead of have them simply follow each other around after agreeing to help. This venture group would only last the current game session. I don't want clan like association just sporadict grouping because the end prize can only be won buy a single player, so its every man for himself smile.png....... So for a given area everytime max players  is reached i'll create a new instance of area keeping in mind venture groups.

In Topic: My first experience in game designing

27 October 2013 - 11:11 AM

Actually I just wanted to say the different things I would do in my next game design I'm french so maybe I miss the point :)

In Topic: Which Technology to use for my next game ?

12 September 2013 - 03:23 PM

Thank  you for your comments,  very appreciated.


Good to know my XNA engine is still alive, it is a 2D sprite oriented  engine , so it is perfect for simple games like scrollers and connect the dot  ect.. on PC, tablet and phone apps, my next one will be 3D capable.


Call me a Neanderthal but I ‘m the type of guy that likes designing from scratch. I like things done a certain way (my way J)  which meets  certain criteria of functionality that I deem adequate,  and  some foreseen potential functionality which specializes the engine for optimum performance for the products intended without extraneous support for everything under the sun.

In Topic: Which Technology to use for my next game ?

12 September 2013 - 08:23 AM

I used XNA frameWork for my first game and buitl a game engine that is totally re-usable to do all sorts of game so fexible and light  it can  run on all windows platforms including phone and tablet. Flexable anough that anyone that supplies Art and a Idea I cant make a game in a few months. But I feel like I've wasted my time developping that engine because MS Windows stop supporting XNA on their next OS. I know their are still alot of XP, Vista and Win 7 out there but I want my next engine to last at least a couple years.

In Topic: Xna Hidef too power Hungry

27 August 2013 - 07:38 PM

Thanks for the tips


Yah ! I group evereything that is the way I get a FPS of 64 by never loading any image twice and clearing unused content in my level defined content manager class and also  proper throttling of methodes and events.


For how I get 4K sprite I read somewhere  it was better to load one big sprite sheet instead of multiple small one so my Xtractor platform unit is a 256X256 sprite and I got it rendered in 32 ISO directions perspectives making 2 sprite sheets of 4K X 4K maybe that is wrong ?.


All my sprite are not scaled they are draw 1:1 scale.


Anyhow ! Just finish splitting my stuff in 1k X 1k maximum like you suggested and they are now all in the power of 2  I knew my homemade  tool sprite packer /image transform would come in handy smile.png


Now it's back to testing  and  see if this reach profile is decent.