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Multy player Game limit per area

15 July 2015 - 01:11 PM



I was wondering on a PVP Quest based RPG MMO what happens when and excessive number of players get to a specific area( i.e. the throne room in a dungeon) ?


I figure at a certain point they create a new instance which bring to the question if you want to fight a rival group for the prize you could have a problem where half you group is on another instance  no ?



New games developement by Giroka game studio.

24 November 2013 - 02:29 PM

We just upgraded our www.Giroka.com website to announce our new game. 


The new game will leverage our 2D engine developed for our first game Xtractor Defender.


We will also start a new developing blog for the new side scroller called Dr. Sam Archer vs Aliens.smile.png

My first experience in game designing

27 October 2013 - 06:15 AM



I just released my first game yesterday (www.xtractordefender.com).  It is a simple game but fun to play. This game won’t make me rich so I did not put a deposit on a Ferrari yet.


I had a lot of fun making it and the stuff I’ve learned during the course of the design and development is inestimable. There are a lot of things I will do differently on my future games. Furthermore I have designed and developed my own client management database, PayPal API listener and web Game Activation service.  This infrastructure is reusable for all my future games releases.


I now plan to leverage my XNA game 2D engine and build two quick scroller games for windows phone and PC.

Note: Anyone who can supply quality Art and story line for 2D game and is interested in collaborating, I can probably build a working prototype in less than 1 month.


The game 2D engine is fully customizable with encrypted XML (found out about LUA too late so made my own doh!). I’ve also developed a very cryptic pseudo code for engine command. (I’m only one using it so very cryptic :0).


Things I will do differently:

  1. Spend more time on Art cannot afford good artist so I yes I , a programmer,  will try again. As soon as I make any profit on any game it will go toward a good 2D-3D Graphic Artist.
  2. Scoring, leveling , purchasing or money system. (Biggest complaint from beta testers on my first game.).
  3. I’ll use OPENGL bigger audience for my game. (Said DirectX in older post change my mind).
  4. C++,LUA.
  5. Use Navmesh.
  6. Did I say spend more time on Art.


Voila !

GiroKa Game Studio has released its RTS Tower defense game !

24 October 2013 - 08:34 PM

Hi everyone,


Download for FREE at http://www.xtractordefender.com/download.htm try it out :0).


Published by GiroKa Game Studio at http://www.giroka.com/



Game premise 

MinSys Corporation, the premiere Inter-Planetary mining company specializing in military grade extraction of T98 mineral. You were recruited to attend MinSys Corp.  prestigious Academy to become a Team Leader in charge of their Xtractor mining platform deployment . On planetary assignments you will be tasked to deploy and  protect the Xtractor mining platform against enemy drones at all costs.


Are you up for the challenge Team Leader ?

Real time strategy.

Intense action.

Free trial version with first 4 levels.

Obtain activation key and open up another 16 action packed levels.

Hours of fun and content .

20 exciting levels  on activated game.

Which Technology to use for my next game ?

12 September 2013 - 07:23 AM

It’s more a rant then a question. I’m currently on the final leg of publishing my first game product on the web. I learn a lot in the last years about the Video game industry: design & creation, programming technics and publishing (still some learning to do there).


Now I’m looking at different technology for my next game D&D RPG genre. So  I’ve decided to use C++ with a graphic API  but which one OPENGL or DIRECTX 11 NOOooo…. it’s not another one of which ones better, there are thousands of inconclusive rant on that on the web already ,  but more about the game market (see pie chart) .


A little bit of background I’m an avid  PC gamer I always love the Keyboard and mouse over the Console gamepads for gaming mostly RTS (i.e. StarCraft, Mech Commander, Age of empire, Dawn of war) and RPG (i.e.Ultima1-8, Baldur’s gate, Titan Quest, Dragon age, diablo2-3…). Having tried Dragon age and Diablo 3 on console after playing them on PC I thought in my opinion the game were diminish by it, I don’t understand why they don’t support the Keyboard and mouse on the console yet? Maybe they‘re afraid it’s going to kill the laptop/PC I don’t know? 


Ok getting to the point from what information I gather on the internet (I know the internet… Meh!). It seems like the GPUs are favoring DirectX over OpenGL. SO go whit DirectX RIGHT!  Based on market shares Microsoft OS has the biggest audience potential.  But the new PCs/Laptops are going to be delivered with Window 8 which wants to segregate all games through their store.  OK THEN BE A REBEL and stick with OPENGL and go to Steam which in turn will segregate your game in their green light store.


Small indie developers like me sees Mega Corporations closing the game market more and more and pushing the console down our throat. Small caveat Microsoft buying Atari for a couple of billion and calling it an Indie game studio Grrrrr….  Indie qualifier should be with budget under 5M or something.  


So I decided to go to the “Dark Side” the one whit the biggest market share.(DIRECTX 11 API)


Last Small caveat if console are taking over why every time I go to a game conference the PC side is always 4 times busier?


P.S. Might be totally off only 2 years in the business self-taught with books and internet J