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Journal Entries

The Enigma Code > Spigots

Posted 11 March 2007

I'm currently working on yet another tool to grease the wheels of the Team UnrealSP content pipeline. The latest problem is texture packages. For those unfamiliar with the Unreal archive format each unreal archive file list a number of exported objects and a number of imported objects. So a map file will export the geometry of the map and import...

The Enigma Code > Swings & Roundabouts

Posted 04 March 2007

Sorry you didn't get a journal entry last week, I've been pretty busy recently and struggling to get back in the swing of writing weekly journal entries since the big GDNet downtime (It's all their fault really, not just me being bone-idle).

Not really much I can talk about at the moment. I'm seriously looking forward to reaching the point where I can...

The Enigma Code > If You Can't Join 'em, Beat 'em

Posted 18 February 2007

This journal entry was written a fortnight ago, but couldn't be posted then due to GameDevs downtime. Not much of interest has happened between then and now so I'm posting this old entry tonight and will get back on track next week.

Saving vertices in the problem map turned out not to be possible. Various possible workarounds were mooted, but before...

The Enigma Code > One Step Forwards, Two Steps Back

Posted 28 January 2007

I spent my free time this week modifying my old Unreal map reader so that it could rebuild the file after parsing it into memory. I then went about investigating whether those vertices I thought were unused really were redundant. Unfortunately it turns out they aren't. I'd forgotten about the completely brain-dead manner in which Unreal handles its...

The Enigma Code > Magic Constants

Posted 21 January 2007

One of Team UnrealSPs mappers came across an interesting problem this weekend. We already knew about UTs zone limit (64, because a zone mask is stored in a 64 bit integer) and bsp node limit (65535, because bsp node indices are stored in unsigned shorts) but now for the first time we've hit the vertex limit. The limit is 128 000, which seems a little...