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Really clueless, how to start?

09 November 2012 - 04:57 PM


Hey, im nomnum and i am a beginner at just about every coding language :/

I have a bad habit of jumping around to different programming languages because people keep changing my opinion in which is best.Posted Image

ANYWAYS!: My question is, i have recently been learning python, and i have done most to all the beginner tutorials teaching me how to use functions, operators, classes, etc. All this is great and I can easily make a functioning program, but only with words. By this i mean i can only do basic command-prompt-like presentations. I want to make a game with graphics, screens, buttons and everything but i dont know how or whee to begin. I dont necessarily expect you to give me an entire tutorial on this thread, but i would really apretiate if someone could direct me to a website or forum that teaches you how to actually make a simple game (2D).

If python doesn't have or has limited features for game making, i know Java and C++ pretty well too!

Thanks! Posted Image