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making a game

24 July 2014 - 08:46 AM

Yeah so im planning to make an rpg game for the android.

The battle is mostly turn based but im to use ai forsome battles that way the player can just head through the area that he wanted and go to the exciting part of the quest.

But during the stage if he wants to do it there will be a calculated menu of jow many fights he will get into and he can decide his actions before hand. Like heal if he is 60% at health. and warn him if he does not have enough pots.

The main draw will be the gameplay which when a character levels up and the story will be based on their progression.

At the start of a chapter the player will be hiven about 3 or 5 tickets onwhocb he/she can decide how they will spend it. The ticket is consumed after going to the plot item,boss or by quitting.

Tickets can be spend on to go for a story progressing quest which will vary per choice.

I will call the choices arcs and each will have different results. An example is if you try to get the smith art you need to get the quest for gathering materials but it will also give you an option to be an alchemist to make healimg items.

Also im planning

i want to make a prototype game

24 July 2014 - 08:21 AM

Hey guys im new and althought i got the idea to make the game i need a team. Or a guy who can make it.

I just need someone to make it into a game. Im planning a very short version of a game. Think 3 stages.

I got the story ready and how the game is. Turn based in combat.

What i want is how much would this cost and how many other members will i need.

Im planning to show it via android format.

Any help would be appreciated.

A game design I dreamed with

03 December 2012 - 02:52 AM

So a player starts out with one character, the overlord and the game is like a huge real time strategy.

The one character has to protect the entire populace as they begin the building stage as the first wave of barbarian attacks attack.

After clearing it and making a name for the hero/heroine he will be awarded with some guard which he can strategically place and some towers.

After given some time the character can grow the simple village into a town and since its like a medieval warring states era he becomes a captain of the guard or captain of a raid.

The game goes into a samurai warriors style gameplay of one hero fighting hordes of enemies and his army can be upgraded after each chapter as the town continues to grow.

Of course the battle between states continues as your area grows, you can meet allies and increase the kingdom and be awarded a place and title and select another hero or play the main story as it grows into epic proportions from having a hidden bloodline to an ancient battle between good and evil.

He will play a huge role as the game progresses whether to make trade or just conquer another place.

And to make things more epic, he can use a weapon that changes form and can get exp from which form it is used most and unlock more additional combos or charge attacks.

I'm thinking this will just be a prologue and have it more epic and after he dies he gets another role to play as another story goes on as he becomes a worthy candidate and a Valkeiry gets him for another epic war in asgard.

trying a little design

16 November 2012 - 12:06 AM

So I am thinking of a game called Fate.

There are several characters that the player can play but the majority is that they guide the hero along the story. The setting is medieval and dragons of all kinds ran amok in the wilds.

The king can be played like a sims style where he chooses what to build per chapter, the blacksmith will get to mix items by alchemy which the hero loots per chapter.

Each decision is to help build a type of town that can help your hero grow from equipment to the npc's that help the hero's home/barracks from searching a dungeon or collect herbs in some already cleared area.

I like the game where a lone hero stands facing hundreds of enemies but there are classes of course to differ game play.

The king systems builds other helpful buildings while the market system is for trading to increase money to purchase raw materials from other lands for alchemy use.

Each chapter the player can freely switch characters but when the hero starts a quest they cannot be switched until they return to town.

As each chapter unfolds the story, the hero's personality depends on the choices in important dialogues. From the strong silent type to an insane clown depending the story ("Sir help save our children from the bandits!" choices go from serious to funny)

The story is then divided on which choice the hero picks per chapter and who he may encounter adding different story.

what do you guys think?

please critique my story

15 November 2012 - 11:33 PM

So I'm at a crossroads on whether which path to take being a game designer of a story writer.

So I written a story in screenplay format. Some feedback would be nice.