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class instance always null

14 November 2012 - 07:29 AM

Hi gamedev, i have a bit of a problem Posted Image
I have a class with few properties called Token and a class called TokenOwner wich has a list of the Token class and few methods to operate with this list.
class TokenOwner
		public List<Token> Tokens;
		public void AddToken(string name, double value)
			Token t = new Token();
			t.Name = name;
			t.Value = value;
            Tokens.Add(t);  <- Here it throws exception
		public void RemoveToken(string name)
            Token t = Tokens.Find(x => x.Name == name);  <- Here it throws exception
			if (t != null) Tokens.Remove(t);
		public bool HasToken(string name)
			Token t = Tokens.Find(x => x.Name == name);  <- Here it throws exception
			if (t != null) return(true);
			else return(false);
class Token : TokenOwner
		public string Name { get; set; }
		public double Value { get; set; }
Now i want to add a token to a class inherited from TokenOwner. But every time i try to add token, it throws ObjectNullReference exception.
class Character : TokenOwner{}
class MyClass
		Character myCharacter = new Character();
		myCharacter.AddToken("brokenleg", 0);
I tried to figure out what's wrong, but i am programming for just a few days, so i have no idea what's wrong... If someone pointed out what's wrong and maybe tell me what would work, that would help a lot.