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Direct X 9/Direct Show Weird Rendering after displaying on Quad

10 December 2012 - 09:38 PM


I short while ago I posted on how to display a movie in full screen mode in Direct X using Direct Show. We eventually got the feature working by using a vmr9 allocator and just rendering the image out to a quad and placing it so it was always in front of the camera. Problem is we had to wrestle the rendering target and buffers away from our engine (Havok Vision Engine) and now it appears nothing is rendering correctly. Lighting isn't right and it is as if the shaders themselves have some how become corrupted in some way. We've tried clearing memory on the GPU and a few other ideas, but we're at a loss for resolving this issue.

Pix has been less than helpful as the game renders fine when run through pix. Rendering any data we have use less.... or useless in our inexperience.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as we're close to completion of this retrofit and we would very much like to get this game in the hands of the charity organization that we are donating it too.

Direct X 9 and DirectShow Fliping WMV's in Fullscreen Mode

14 November 2012 - 10:55 AM

I am currently working on a Project that is using Havok's Vision Engine under Direct X 9 x86 under Windows Vista/7/8 and it requires the use of cutscenes to help convey the story of the game.

The Problem I'm encountering is when we attempt to play back our movies in Full Screen Mode using WMV's the videos flip themselves horizontally where the top is at the bottom and bottom is at the top. We believe this has to do with how Direct X handles its draws and as a result of us painting Direct Show Directly to the window it causes the video to flip.

Oddly enough this problem does not occur with AVI's, but we can't use AVI's due to their dated nature and DirectShow's strict enforcement of the AVI container.

I'll post code this evening when I get back to my workstation.

Direct X9
DirectShow 7.0
Havok Vision Engine
WMV: 720p 16:9 (Codec's I'll list later)