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In Topic: 30 Tips For Newbie Game Programmers

20 November 2012 - 07:58 PM

I think it's really important for us, I'm talking about novices in gamedev which are looking for idea to realize.
There is no need to realize ping-pong, asteroids, breakout and other crap, being implemented so many times...

If they're novices, do you really think they should be spending their time to do something that's never been done and losing their way with less chance from getting help from experienced developers? At least, if they do something that's been done, others will likely know how to assist them in it because they have probably done it themselves.

Sides, most people who want to go into game development, have plenty of ideas they want to utilize, but their lack of skills is what holding them back. Which is why they redo simple games to learn the skills so they can get to what they really want to do.