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In Topic: Opengl Vbo Errors

28 November 2012 - 09:13 PM

YESS!!! I finished redoing most of my code, and putting only rendering in the main thread. I had a little bit of extra stuff in the rendering thread left, and after removing it it works the same as many other voxel like games i've been trying to make my game as smooth as. Thank you!

In Topic: Opengl Vbo Errors

28 November 2012 - 09:03 PM

Ahh thank you for your advice! It's very spefic to what I needed. Before reading this I already took the initiative to put the rendering just on one single thread, this seemed to improve it alot, ie it crashes less.
What do you mean by super-optimizing indices?
I put all my chunks into one single vbo, using indexes to the pointer array. Is it necessary to use sectors of vbos rather then just one?
Yeah I read that its no use as opengl doesnt work well with threading 'that means that it's pointless to try to parallellize anything in the renderer, and instead focusing on optimizing hard on what the renderer has to do and lift some weight off of it'!
I'm curious as too the occlusion, but that would require alot of updates to the vbos, is this what minecraft does? How it says chunk updates in its debug gui? Is it because it uses cpu useage and causes opengl to render less things, thus improving fps... It's just the calls of glBindBuffer are very expensive for time, so implementing these things and getting better fps has been a largely trial and error thing for me.

In Topic: Need Better Physics Engine in Game

19 November 2012 - 12:57 AM

I need rotational collisions for skeleton/body physics, and also it's alot better if the cubes rotate... And yes Olof, i've read alot so far, and I realize there is alot of work that goes into physics engines, but I find if I make my own engine, it is easier for me to debug and modify. I know how versatile they are to use, but I don't think I need to implement all the features they have. The example i've looked at uses points and tests them in a feild, i'm not sure exactly because the dependencies are a little confusing, but im guessing the way to check basically would be to check all the points on a plane go through another plane? This mathematically makes sense, but would take alot more processing power.


In Topic: Need Better Physics Engine in Game

18 November 2012 - 03:39 AM

Wow great links, they seem like just what I was looking for. I am well in it for the learning experience as well. 2D physics are very similar to 3D, my first 3D physics simulations were based directly off 2D. There is a lot of maths involved with getting the camera to work in opengl, it's possible, just hard haha. I was mostly working on data structures, loading on threads and world generation techniques before, and my physics engine (which I neglected) was based on older version off a 2d version of Daniel shiffman's physics examples I got my hands on in first year uni, something similar too:

Ahh okay, I'll look into steam greenlight for publishing. Atm though I'm mainly interested in having my game on a site, so people could possibly beta test it, have you done this before? I also have a bunch of questions about graphics programming, I'm using VBO's for the cubes, trying to implement a simple light shader, or the reflective water like in Terasology!

Well it seems I have a long and interesting road ahead. If I have any more questions I'll post them :D thanks for all the help!!

In Topic: Need Better Physics Engine in Game

17 November 2012 - 12:33 PM

My goal does not involve using a physics engine, it involves building one. Game development is a hobby of mine, the features of a physics engine I need are not so far out of my grasp. I will find the answer if I spend more time on it. I'm a uni student after all with much free time. I've got experience in robotics too, so a physics engine also interests me. However I will try out some of the recommended physics engines in the mean time.

Regarding your suggestion of getting my game out there, what is the best way to go about this? I'm guessing releasing a playable version online somewhere, have you done this before?