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In Topic: Serious Procrastination Problems!

10 January 2013 - 03:09 PM

You know, it's funny. Every single time I work on any project in which I do something I've never done before, no matter how small that something is, I end up reinforcing and relearning things that didn't stick the first time, or stumbling upon a new idea that challenges my idea of programming. It shocks me every time. It makes me want to always be doing something challenging.


My problem is that I struggle to find ideas that excite me enough to want to build them. It wasn't always like this, but recently I've started to feel this way. I thought it might be distractions, so yesterday I went and sold my Xbox and all my games to GameStop to get that out of the way. So far it hasn't been too much help. Funnily, when I do find an exciting project, I can go for weeks. It's harder to stop than start at that point.


I guess the best thing people like myself can do is just be completely honest. If the project seems like a cool idea, but it doesn't make you want to jump up and start working on it immediately, then it's either not cool enough, or not something you're excited by. In either case, move on. It's not worth your time. It'll be another incomplete project to make you hate yourself. I think in my case it might be good to break from game programming for a bit and experiment in other things for a while.

yeah i did the same thing with my ps3 couple of years ago, ebayed it and sold all my games. but then after a few months i went crazy and bought an xbox haha!!


Then i went through another similar phase but less extreme about 4/5 months ago, didnt sell my Xbox  but just didn't renew my live gold and most of the games i have for it i only play multiplayer so its like the same thing. It went very well up until just before xmas, i started dabbing in free or old PC games which i haven't done in years and gradually got back into gaming with the excitement surrounding all the great new releases around that time, November i think, was a crazy month for great game releases.


Thing is, its still great to have games for downtime, say if i was tired from some exercise, often im not tired enough to go straight to bed, but my brain isn't in the right mode for programming/creativity, then i wouldn't feel guilty relaxing and playing some games, just like anyone else might watch some evening TV or read a book. Sadly the addictive nature of games + an addictive personality leads to game time spilling into other less suitable time periods for example the one we all struggle with - BED TIME!! :D

In Topic: Serious Procrastination Problems!

10 January 2013 - 12:24 PM

I am not looking for a solution, i know what i need to do. I'm sorry if i didn't communicate this well.


Y'know, you're right.  I read back through the OP and at no point was there ever a request for advice.  I just jumped into that mode because I saw the same mindset and roadblocks that I used to struggle with and got all preachy.  Sorry for pushing my assumptions.  Good luck with the project.


Thanks man!

In Topic: Serious Procrastination Problems!

10 January 2013 - 11:18 AM

@BCullis I think by now you should know exactly what i want to get from this, a good discussion. Its not often talked about.


Because there's nothing to really gain from talking about it. 

The point of my "I don't know what you expect to get" starter was that procrastination as a stumbling block is only ever solved by finally getting to work, no matter how much discussing you do about it.  No one has ever stopped procrastinating on a task by talking to other people about how they're putting off getting started.  And it sounds like you have quite the task on your hands and an approaching deadline.



i just so happened to make the worst decision ever by getting a graphics card for xmas! I gave in, my stupid brain just wants games XD


This is why I can't take it seriously as a "lets ponder the origins and solutions to procrastination" discussion.  It's an issue of discipline, and comments like this say "I don't have any".  There's your answer.  It's like eating junk food instead of making yourself a healthy dinner: games are immediate gratification, hard work takes time and isn't fun.  Until it is, which happens pretty much once you start.


Since this is a college assignment, it's not optional (unless you're deciding passing your course is optional, in which case, game away!), otherwise I'd second someone's comment earlier that you should instead pick something you're more interested in working on.  As for your theory, it reads more like denial or an excuse: "obviously it's the games' fault that I'm not motivated!"  Please.  You don't want to work on the project because it's work.  I'm just going to say it's due to burnout from being in school for a while, I too had trouble being as motivated in the last semesters of my undergrad.  But I still worked on some pretty awesome projects that got me fired up once I got started.



OK. so at this point i could easily pick flaws in what you are saying and start a big long internet argument which would drag out for ages and be of no use to anyone but for both of us defending our massive egos. Instead i will just say this, i made the thread to get people to share their experiences on this topic because i thought it would be interesting to read, if that in itself is procrastination then so be it. I am not looking for a solution, i know what i need to do. I'm sorry if i didn't communicate this well.

In Topic: Serious Procrastination Problems!

10 January 2013 - 10:02 AM

I find that once I start coding, I almost always enjoy it.  It's just very hard to START doing it.  What I have done to combat this is constantly have my code open.  I never close it.  Even when playing games, its open in the background.  A lot of times what will happen is I'll think of something small to do and since it is already open, I'll make a quick change.  Then that will lead to another change.  Before I know it, I've just coded for 3 hours, enjoyed my time doing it, and made a lot of progress.


Once you can get over the initial hump of STARTING, you probably already won the battle.  There have been so many nights when I didn't feel like coding and just forced myself to do it anyway and then 5 hours later (when I should have been sleeping) I was still working (and enjoying it).


Yeah, that is SO me! I always put off starting stuff. Also i try to keep code open to remind me of what i should be doing! sometimes even a little code tweak is enough to get me going and once im off trying to solve a problem, im usually engaged until it is solved or i have to sleep! 


@Happycoder thanks for the article. Ive been considering the extreme route, going cold turkey on games, but i just so happened to make the worst decision ever by getting a graphics card for xmas! I gave in, my stupid brain just wants games XD.


@BCullis I think by now you should know exactly what i want to get from this, a good discussion. Its not often talked about.

In Topic: easiest way to create retro 16-bit style music?

24 November 2012 - 10:31 AM

after some more research it looks like using sound fonts is the way to go!

for example here: http://woolyss.com/chipmusic-soundfonts.php#soundfonts