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About the procedure of game

20 November 2012 - 01:58 PM

Hello everyone!

I have put in a little problem, raised from our game development team.

Since this is about the procedure of any team and even company, I 'd like to share it and glad to receive advice from you guys...

In my team I'm in charge of Game-designing. My ideas and design-documents are all good so far.

We use an effective tool to deal with playing animation in game. The tool will allow users to define rectangular bounds of each sprites in an image (which is drawn by Game Artists), then export all the information to an XML-like file. Programmer will then use code to load and display sprites as defined in the XML-like file (playing the animation).

From what I've said, will you agree with me that, this is a tool made for Game Artists, to work faster on creating animation effects?

But game sprites are refined (re-drawn) over times, and sometimes my team can't wait for Artists to update the XML-like file, or they must add some information to the file, to support the programming process ..etc...

Our leader said that adding and updating the XML-like file is duty of Game Designer.

I totally disagree with him, because a Designer is not an Artist or Programmer to implement the stuffs, just like strategists will never fight in battle field - that is the duty of soldiers (I won't say which one is more important, because WE are a TEAM). The strategist can create mini-battle field in order to show his strategy, but he will never (and shouldn't) actually fight.

Since in my country, "Game Designer" is still new, and all I've learn is from experiences, I don't really know if I've right or wrong?

I still think "Designing" is imagining and transferring ideas to ones who implement the Game, not interrupting others' works.

What do you guys think? What should I do?