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Databases in your games

26 November 2012 - 10:08 AM

I have a hobby RPG project going called Endtime. My aim is to match the technical, game-play and artistic level of things like Fallout 2, Ultima, etc. Ten year old games. I think that's a feasible ambition for a solitary coder.

However, I won't really get away from a lot of data-shuffling for things like quests and items and such, and I was considering employing a database for easier back-end quest writing and such.

I mean, if I end up having more than 100 quests in my game, it is probably going to be easier to fill out the quest data in a form in a database than it would be to hard-code it in. I could store bulk quest data, dialog trees, the full item list in a database and call those when needed.

So, my question is simply because I am a bit fuzzy about how it would be done, do you use databases in your games and would it be worth trying to think up a bridge? Do you use databases in your games at all? If you do, do you use SQL or non-SQL ones?

Or if not, is it a really bad idea to use databases from an efficiency standpoint? Are they just too slow for things?