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Journal.Unknown > Rent Apart and Reassembled

Posted 25 November 2012

I have torn my poor modules into pieces and brought them back together again as a "single game plan" (rather than a "plan to form multiple different games from assembling modules in different ways"). Doing so allowed my to get rid of a whole 4 files. Hooray! So far I've been concentrating on the menu, and making it as...

Journal.Unknown > Movement (in life, not a game)

Posted 23 November 2012

Here I am.
My name is Phil Manning and I am a video game designer/programmer.
I am still unknown, and I've only been programming for a couple years, but I plan to walk this path to its end.

I started with HTML back in high school, but we really didn't have any other hard core computer courses then. To be honest, HTML isn't really a big interest...