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#5120240 Title for game? [Solved]

Posted by on 31 December 2013 - 12:32 AM

Hmm the roleplaying part was already covered in my first batch of words, I thought.  Since you didn't like the style of them, I'm not sure how to work that idea in in a way that appeals to you.  Though I didn't try words related to talking - that would give you options like CreatureChat, Creature Forum, Amphora (a kind of Greek vase, but it's like animal forum), Bestiary (old book with pictured of all different animals, like a zoo).  Of the second batch ones that you liked, Animal Ascension is probably my own favorite.  I'm not really all that fond of the concept of an "alpha" personality or social role - over in romance novel land there's a term "alphahole" that's used to express the way alpha humans are often more irritating than admirable.  But let's see, if I mix around the ones you liked and try to make them non-specific to wolves... Creature's Claim or Creature Claim, Claim of Animality, Beast Claim, Faunaclaim, Pack Claim, Outcast Pack, Animalarchy (lol that's like a multipun with anarchy and malarkey), Archimal, Archimality, Faunarchy, Faunoutcast, Predoutcast, Creaturescension, Faunascension


I'd personally avoid using "vore" in the title because of the existence of the vore fetish.  Yeah people might roleplay that but it shouldn't be presented as the main or only subject for roleplay.

Thanks for all of your help. I discussed titles with a few people and Animal Ascension had majority vote so I will be going with that. Probably would take me months to come up with a name if it weren't for you. Thanks a lot!

#5022595 Lua and Pixelart Tutorials?

Posted by on 17 January 2013 - 12:26 PM

So, me and a friend are going to start programming a 2D game in Lua using the LOVE2D framework. If you are unfamiliar with LOVE2D you can find it here: https://love2d.org/ Anyways, I figure I will obviously need to know Lua to use LOVE2D so I have been planning on buying the latest book the developers have published that is aimed towards Lua 5.2, but I can't exactly buy the book at the moment. I was wondering if anyone knew some websites or someplace that has a full Lua tutorial or at least covers the majority of it (Lua 5.1 or 5.2 tutorials preferred) Also, my friend who is going to be doing all of the aesthetics on how the game looks will need some resource to learn pixelart or just 2D graphic design in general. If anyone could provide tutorial resources on that would be greatly appreciated.

#5003674 Starting Place?

Posted by on 23 November 2012 - 11:11 PM

Hello, I was hoping if some members of the community could help me get to a starting point. I currently want to be a game programmer as in handling all the code that runs the game. I was always interested in computers, so I know quite a bit. I used to play a game called ROBLOX which really got me started with its modified version of Lua. I do know bits and pieces of regular Lua, C++, and Python. I'm most interested in developing a MMORPG, or a Shooter type game. I would like to know some programming languages I should start off with, or possible game engines. I need to upgrade my computer so it can't take anything too intensive such as Unreal or Cryengine. I have been considering Unity, but I won't think i'll be satisfied until I get Unity Pro when I come up with $1,500 at the age of 14. I always want biggest and best thing I can get or else I will feel like I didn't do enough. I do plan on branching off into making my own game engine with C++. So, anyways any tips, idea, suggestions etc for a beginner programmer?