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Future career help.

25 November 2012 - 10:24 PM

Hello Gamedev, my name is Colby and I am currently 15 attending grade 10. I really am worried about my future and I was wondering if you could enlighten me in some information.

1. First off I want to know how hard would it be to get into a college like Digipen for computer science for someone like me. I am not on the smart side of things when it comes to grades. I am not failing, but I am not taking a high-level of education. Also I had bad marks in lower grades since I was really focused on the social side of school and I really didn't see how important an education was. I have some experience in programming and I am currently trying to learn the c language. Also I come from a poor family and I will not have enough money to go to a college like Digipen, so would that affect me getting into a college and do they programs that you pay when you get out in small bit? How much would you pay a month for college fees?

2.. I plan on after college (If I even get to go) to work at a gaming business. How hard is it to get into a company and how much would they pay?

As I got older I have seen games like super meat boy, castle crashers, braid, limbo, ect. I honestly don't want to be a big gaming company or work with one. All I want to do is make games that take people out of the world we live in today and put them into a new world that I built for them to enjoy. I want to be independent and make a game how I think it should be made and not have someone tell me what I have to do.

Thanks for the help I really appreciate it.