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In Topic: HP displays on enemies or visual indicators?

19 September 2015 - 11:57 AM

At this moment in my game (JRPG with turn based battles) I have a health bar for friendly characters, but not for enemy characters.


I do however have a number display for how much damage is done from both sides for each action. 


The reasoning behind this is to strike a balance between information and tension- the player knows which actions are effective and can therefore make informed strategic choices, but does not know how close they are to winning an encounter, and must gamble on if they should stay longer and fight or flee as their own health drops lower and lower. 


I hope this dynamic pays off. It is also a personal artistic choice to have as few numbers and indicators as practically possible so the focus is on immersion rather than math and number crunching. For example I always disliked in the Pokemon games how you could see the enemies' health bar and their level, which always made me feel more like I was "playing a game" instead of supporting my immersion by hiding elements I realistically shouldn't know. 

In Topic: Next Step: Proper NPC Design

19 September 2015 - 11:45 AM

Thank you guys for all the feedback. I have now implemented a day and night cycle. It's a bit clunky right now but it is there ready to be tweaked. No actual NPC behaviors tied to it yet but that will be fun to play with over the coming weeks. 


The next experiment will be to have the NPCs interact with each other. So on a random chance if they are next to each other they will trigger a little animation.



I think that having extra text boxes for the NPCs' little conversations with each other might clog up the screen too much (as I will be porting to mobile eventually), but occasional little emotion icons above their heads might be a nice way to flesh them out a little more. It will also save on time and cost if I decide to try to translate the game...


The initial plan is to have a very simple conversation system consisting of two or three choices which elicit different responses. I think the main reward for engaging in conversations will be to uncover different ways of completing a quest, and to a lesser extent getting to know the world and the lore better. 



Thank you for all the suggestions. I think it will all depend on how many different animations I can afford to commission which will dictate how much the NPCs interact with the world and how complex their AI will end up being, but you have given me a lot of great ideas, thank you. 

In Topic: Next Step: Proper NPC Design

06 September 2015 - 03:19 PM

That's great! I had taken that off the table a long time ago because I assumed I'd have to commission twice the number of assets (a day and night version of everything).

But now I'm better at game design I think I can accomplish it easier by having a black box cover the whole screen with a low opacity, and add some interesting lighting effects.

And then yeah like you say, certain events at night only and day only.

In Topic: How To Do RPG Interiors

18 May 2015 - 10:48 PM

Thank you for your advice all, I think I am going with the majority view here and keeping the invisible roofs unless it is a large important area. 


Nyaanyaa- I don't necessarily take advice from these forums if it conflicts with my vision. I mostly ask questions here to see if there has been some aspect I have totally neglected to consider due to my inexperience. For example, in this exchange I realized I had not considered the particular problem of space (with no transitions as Roots mentioned) that the buildings would have to have an exactly matching footprint for the interior and exterior, whereas with a transition to a different physical space the houses could be smaller on the outside. I hadn't factored that into my decision-making until this talk, so all little questions have value. 


Fortunately my game communities will suffer from quite a lot of poverty, so the homes will be small inside and outside, (not much of a middle class). 


I do like Servant of The Lord's blended design, but it would likely be just outside of my experience to implement elegantly at this point. Another reason I like asking questions here; I always get ideas that may not work for me now, but are worth holding onto for the future. 


The problem of basements and second floors will be a tough one though, I'll hit it head-on and be back when I find an obstacle! 

In Topic: I'm having trouble attracting contributors to my project as it gets older

10 May 2015 - 11:44 PM

I am afraid I don't have anything useful to offer other than my best wishes. I hope you are able to find a way to progress with your project at a good pace.