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#5256586 How to give away copies of my priced game on iOS?

Posted by Got_Rhythm on 10 October 2015 - 04:18 PM

One final idea is to have a demo of the game downloadable for free, and after some point players have to pay for the full version of the game to continue, unless you are a backer and then you can enter a code I send you instead...
So far I think that's the best option.

#5256400 Budget Areas Advice

Posted by Got_Rhythm on 09 October 2015 - 11:48 AM

Excellent thank you!


Fortunately very few of these apply to me as there are no employees or business location, I am completing it as a hobby. The information did however help me understand the overheads required to run a "proper" business.



I guess the component I am most in the dark about it the publishing and ratings systems. I need to do more research on the cost of publishing on different platforms and different regions. I just became an approved Nintendo developer (yay!) so there is the possibility of releasing on Wii-U, but I know the costs of doing that will be pretty high. 


Overall even if it ends up not being profitable to release on the Wii-U I might do it anyway, just to say I have done it, as a pride thing. I am lucky enough to have a day job and not need this business or project to be profitable enough for me to live on. 

#5253076 HP displays on enemies or visual indicators?

Posted by Got_Rhythm on 19 September 2015 - 11:57 AM

At this moment in my game (JRPG with turn based battles) I have a health bar for friendly characters, but not for enemy characters.


I do however have a number display for how much damage is done from both sides for each action. 


The reasoning behind this is to strike a balance between information and tension- the player knows which actions are effective and can therefore make informed strategic choices, but does not know how close they are to winning an encounter, and must gamble on if they should stay longer and fight or flee as their own health drops lower and lower. 


I hope this dynamic pays off. It is also a personal artistic choice to have as few numbers and indicators as practically possible so the focus is on immersion rather than math and number crunching. For example I always disliked in the Pokemon games how you could see the enemies' health bar and their level, which always made me feel more like I was "playing a game" instead of supporting my immersion by hiding elements I realistically shouldn't know. 

#5253075 Next Step: Proper NPC Design

Posted by Got_Rhythm on 19 September 2015 - 11:45 AM

Thank you guys for all the feedback. I have now implemented a day and night cycle. It's a bit clunky right now but it is there ready to be tweaked. No actual NPC behaviors tied to it yet but that will be fun to play with over the coming weeks. 


The next experiment will be to have the NPCs interact with each other. So on a random chance if they are next to each other they will trigger a little animation.



I think that having extra text boxes for the NPCs' little conversations with each other might clog up the screen too much (as I will be porting to mobile eventually), but occasional little emotion icons above their heads might be a nice way to flesh them out a little more. It will also save on time and cost if I decide to try to translate the game...


The initial plan is to have a very simple conversation system consisting of two or three choices which elicit different responses. I think the main reward for engaging in conversations will be to uncover different ways of completing a quest, and to a lesser extent getting to know the world and the lore better. 



Thank you for all the suggestions. I think it will all depend on how many different animations I can afford to commission which will dictate how much the NPCs interact with the world and how complex their AI will end up being, but you have given me a lot of great ideas, thank you. 

#5250898 Next Step: Proper NPC Design

Posted by Got_Rhythm on 06 September 2015 - 03:19 PM

That's great! I had taken that off the table a long time ago because I assumed I'd have to commission twice the number of assets (a day and night version of everything).

But now I'm better at game design I think I can accomplish it easier by having a black box cover the whole screen with a low opacity, and add some interesting lighting effects.

And then yeah like you say, certain events at night only and day only.

#5229759 How To Do RPG Interiors

Posted by Got_Rhythm on 18 May 2015 - 10:48 PM

Thank you for your advice all, I think I am going with the majority view here and keeping the invisible roofs unless it is a large important area. 


Nyaanyaa- I don't necessarily take advice from these forums if it conflicts with my vision. I mostly ask questions here to see if there has been some aspect I have totally neglected to consider due to my inexperience. For example, in this exchange I realized I had not considered the particular problem of space (with no transitions as Roots mentioned) that the buildings would have to have an exactly matching footprint for the interior and exterior, whereas with a transition to a different physical space the houses could be smaller on the outside. I hadn't factored that into my decision-making until this talk, so all little questions have value. 


Fortunately my game communities will suffer from quite a lot of poverty, so the homes will be small inside and outside, (not much of a middle class). 


I do like Servant of The Lord's blended design, but it would likely be just outside of my experience to implement elegantly at this point. Another reason I like asking questions here; I always get ideas that may not work for me now, but are worth holding onto for the future. 


The problem of basements and second floors will be a tough one though, I'll hit it head-on and be back when I find an obstacle! 

#5229346 How To Do RPG Interiors

Posted by Got_Rhythm on 16 May 2015 - 02:33 PM

Hello! I am deciding how to do my 2D RPG interiors.


Do you prefer when you touch a door in an RPG for the screen to go black, then fade back in to a different "zone" which is the interior of the house (like the Pokemon games)?




Or do you prefer when you touch the door for the screen to stay in the same location, but for the roof of the house become transparent so the interior is visible? I am leaning towards this option just because it would require less power, space and will be easier to edit. 



#5228256 The Value of Worldbuilding

Posted by Got_Rhythm on 10 May 2015 - 02:05 PM

I am wondering what value people feel that worldbuilding has in RPG games and some of the effective (and ineffective) ways people have experienced it being implemented. I am sure that part of the reason certain worlds are so popular (like Dune, Lord of The Rings, Game of Thrones, The Elder Scrolls) is because the creators put a huge amount of effort into making comprehensive, breathing, organic worlds where emergent stories can take place. 


I am trying to capture a little piece of this magic for my RPG. Some of the ways I am experimenting with this is commissioning a short comic book or two that have self-contained stories set in the fictional world that are separate from the main game story. I am also writing the story of the game as a novel, and creating a kind of encyclopedia of the monsters in the world (these items can also be given away as high tier Kickstarter rewards). Although these projects are very costly in terms of time and money. 


What are some less intensive ways you might suggest to create a more immersive world and qualities to aim for and avoid?



If this topic belongs in Writing For Games then I apologize for the mistake. 

#5223865 No Items, Money or Store in RPG?

Posted by Got_Rhythm on 16 April 2015 - 11:39 PM

Hi Ashaman73.


All of your reasons are completely valid and true. Thank you for responding.


I guess my real point is that with the Pokemon games specifically, the seeking, capturing and evolving of Pokemon seemed to fulfill all of your points (reward, story-progression, game-progression, collection, character-progression, trading) so well in fact that money and items and stores took such a back-seat that they might as well have not been there at all. 


Would the Pokemon games have been much different, much worse or much better with no items or money at all? And instead of Pokeballs there was just a player-skill used?


(I should have clarified that I had a second separate point that most RPGs don't seem in my opinion to balance money well, but that isn't important). 

#5223852 RPG Mechanics

Posted by Got_Rhythm on 16 April 2015 - 09:20 PM

If that original diagram contained the Pokemon games then there would be at least one with no loot.


Unless you count capturing the Pokemon as loot...


Anyway, the main thought that struck me is that if you have a class system that determines some attributes like caps and so on at the beginning, maybe don't have an exp system where what skills you use get more exp. It seems like you only need one of those two systems, having both does not (to me at least) seem to add anything to the game-play. Either pick a class at the beginning, or focus on a play type that will indirectly determine your class. Maybe I'm missing something though. 

#5177069 Little Combat Layout Question

Posted by Got_Rhythm on 30 August 2014 - 10:49 AM

Hi guys, so I'm making a game that has turn based (classic FF style) battles, with the player's party on the left and enemies on the right.

I did this without much thought, but then an artist friend of mine said I needed to switch it around (party on the right and enemies on the left), saying it would feel 'wrong' otherwise.

He claims that in classic religion and mythology the left is associated with evil, as shown in classical art and so on. I suggested it might be because in Asian countries they generally read from right-to-left.

Either way, do you have any thoughts about whether this is important or not? And why? Thank you!

P.S my blog has some early screenshots-

#5175069 Two RPG Quests for Alpha Build

Posted by Got_Rhythm on 20 August 2014 - 11:53 AM

Hi S&S, you're right I had totally forgotten to include the tutorial somewhere sensible. That is a good plan. 


KingOfTheNoobs yes there will be functional NPC dialogue (I am trying to get it to scroll nicely but right now I can only have it appear all at once). Thank you for the suggestions, doing little things to help out the village I think would be a good first step and allow for more back-story of the world.

#5173778 Two RPG Quests for Alpha Build

Posted by Got_Rhythm on 14 August 2014 - 09:27 PM

Wow its been a long time since I've been here. How is everyone doing?


So I am almost done with the re-build of my old-school RPG, Necromancer, The Fight For Life


Brief overview; it is set in a medieval fantasy world that has been overrun with necromancers and undead. Try to picture the old Pokemon games but with undead instead of Pokemon everywhere, and necromancers instead of trainers everywhere. Capture, train and battle undead minions, turn based battles, all that good stuff. 

More info here if you like:





Anyway for the new build I want just two short quests for testers to interact with and feel out the mechanics. I could easily throw in a couple of superficial fetch quests, but I'd like something a little more story based and to help with world-building. So I thought I'd see if anyone here wants to help me brainstorm. 


The areas currently accessible from the over-world map are:

Hollywell (a small fishing village, protected from the undead but being buried under the weight of enormous taxes)

Lindenford (a medium farming village, protected from the undead but under oppressive military occupation)

One small cave in the mountains. 

One area of stone ruins of an ancient burial ground. 



Lindenford has a river running through it and a large waterwheel, so my initial idea is to have a problem with the river requiring the player to go to the river source in the mountains to solve it. But the two villages have plenty of empty space in them still so if there is a good idea for a quest revolving around a feature that isn't there yet then it can be easily added. 


Looking forward to hearing if anyone wants to offer some ideas! Thank you. 

#5150944 What do you look for in a good Antagonist (group)?

Posted by Got_Rhythm on 02 May 2014 - 10:24 AM

This sounds like a great topic that I will follow closely. 


My project is an RPG that features 5 main groups, all of which at points are antagonists or "evil" at various parts of the story.


My first big writing decision was to really try to make sure their motivation was clear. What do they really want? What is driving them to be "evil" or antagonistic? It has to be rational and believable unless they are just completely insane or chaotic (for me at least).


Then I tried to make sure that motivation was tied to the world they lived in, so they really feel like part of the world instead of dropped into it as an afterthought. 

#5028445 Software Selection Advice

Posted by Got_Rhythm on 03 February 2013 - 03:50 PM

Good afternoon, I am starting out and looking for feedback on what software to use to build my game design.

I am building a game that can be most accurately described as a Pokemon clone (one of the old ones, like Pokemon Red). All of the content will be original, but the graphic complexity and the mechanics will basically be identical to the old Pokemon games.

There will be no more than 6 screens:
Title Screen.
Simple slide shows of still images for story exposition.
World map (similar to Golden Sun, just walking between towns, where random encounters happen)
Towns & Dungeons (talk to npcs, random encounters, similar to Pokemon games)
Battles (turn based, similar to Pokemon battles, but will use 3 creatures vs 3 creatures at a time).
Menus (where player can save, load, see creature stats, select which creatures participate in battles).

What do you believe would be the most suitable software / engine / language to build this in from the ground up?

If I am aiming to initially release it on Stream, Xbox Live and Windows, does that limit me to C++?

If you require any further info to best inform your answers please ask, as I have pretty much the entire design worked out. Thank you for your time.