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Turn Based Combat Features

10 March 2016 - 09:19 PM

Hi there, so I have completed a vertical slice of my monster collection RPG. It is to be released on PC, console and mobile. 


The turn based-battle system feels a little dry though and I am exploring adding a feature or mechanic to make it more engaging. 



Right now the closest example would be the Pokemon games, where the player chooses one of four actions (some deal direct damage, some buff, some debuff. All have chance to critical and chance to miss). Then the opponent does so, and on and on. 


There are three player monsters and three enemy monsters. There is HP but no MP and no move limit (like in Pokemon). There are no items and no equipment. The variation and customization comes only from the collectible monsters. 



I am playing with the idea of adding something like a limit-break from FF games, or combining attacks like from Chronotrigger. Is there anything else I should be considering?


Thank you. 

Crowdfunding Tax Ideas

06 February 2016 - 10:51 AM

Good morning, I am planning a crowdfunding campaign and trying to understand the tax implications around it. 


First of all I understand that I should not do anything without seeking professional legal and tax advice. I just like to ask questions here first in case anyone has had a similar situation or can help me ask the question more intelligently. 



This is what I believe I know so far (living in California). 


*If I run a crowdfunding campaign as an individual, I have to pay between 25-33% tax on any money received as it counts as income.


*If I run a crowdfunding campaign as Sole Proprietor Business, I have to pay between 25-33% tax on any money received as it counts as income.


*If I run a crowdfunding campaign as an LLC Business, I do not have to pay any tax on money received as it does not count as income (unless of course I move the money from a business account to a personal account afterwards). 



So my questions is, as it costs rather a lot of money to set up an LLC, could I reasonably run the crowdfunding campaign as a Sole Proprietor company, but then transform it into an LLC before claiming the money, thereby avoiding paying income tax on the money?

New Studio Name, Thoughts?

29 January 2016 - 10:26 PM

Hello so I am forming a new studio that will dabble in game development, but also a few other creative areas like comic books, prose, physical games and so on. 


My last name is Bishop, so I'd like to name the studio something to do with the bishop chess piece (to make the game connection). There are a few chess terms related to chess that might be a good fit. For example-



Good Bishop Studios


Bad Bishop Studios


King's Bishop Studios


Queen's Bishop Studios


Indian Bishop Studios


Bishop Pair Studios




Do any of these stand out as being a little more buzzing than the others? Or do you have any other suggestions?


Thank you. 

Resolving Creative Differences

17 January 2016 - 05:49 PM

Good afternoon all, I am having a creative dilemma on my project. 


I am making a monster collection game with a friend of mine, we are 50/50 on the project, I came up with the idea and concept, I am handling the business side of things, programming and designing. My friend is a trained artist and is doing the concept art, some in game art, directing freelance artists and making promotional items.


My initial concept for the game was for all the characters to be necromancers, and so all of the monsters that can be captured and battled are undead, skeletons, ghosts, spirits and so on.


My friend tells me that this would be too boring, and that there needs to be demons too. However I want to keep a very narrow undead design- no horns, tails, extra limbs, wings, features all over the place. I want all the monsters to retain more humanity than that. 



My problem is, I respect my friend as an artist and designer, and even if he is RIGHT about the game being better with a demonic element, that simply is not what I want, narratively and thematically. How do I tell him that it is non-negotiable without it sounding like I do not respect his option, his experience and his talent?


(I understand that this is something that should have been ironed out before we even agreed to make the game together, but I guess there was some miscommunication)...

Building Trust as a New Studio

19 December 2015 - 03:26 PM

Good afternoon everyone. 


I am building up towards a Kickstarter in the Spring to fund the majority of the art for my game. As a studio which has not produced anything before I know a big issue that can prevent people from backing is questioning whether we are even capable of delivering a finished product, or that we might simply run away with the money. 


To help alleviate some of these concerns, our plan is to have a vertical slice of the game complete and playable at the launch of the Kickstarter. It will include one to two hours worth of content. We have a playable vertical slice now, we are just overhauling the in game art and assets to make it presentable. However we are not sure about:



1. Should we only allow reviewers and Youtubers play the demo? I have been told by some not to let backers play the demo because it can do more harm to your campaign than good as every tiny bug and unmet expectation can have a lot of backlash. The risk however is that no Youtubers and reviewers will be interested at all in playing the game. 


2. Or for trust building purposes should we just let anyone who is interested play the demo even if it has some flaws and that some parts do not reflect well what the finished product will be?


3. Are there any other ways you might suggest for building trust and credibility as a new studio?




Thank you for your time.