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In Topic: 2D Top down Ascii Procedural Terrain Gen

29 November 2012 - 10:52 PM

excellent please do - like the typical programer (especially multi-lingual) I have tons of projects im workin on lol

In Topic: 2D Top down Ascii Procedural Terrain Gen

29 November 2012 - 10:02 PM

well lets see... hmm
the best way i can describe, I just saw a game tonight minicraft i think it was ( a quicky by notch), its that principal I am looking for.
example with just two entities - we'll say plains and desert. pretty simple matter of those grouping together regardless of the random factor. larger grid, more likley it will blend perfect.
however, start adding in, hills, water, mountains, grass etc.. now it gets more messy. the lines of seperation, if you will, become vague, and it looks like my screen shot. there are no areas.

I thought a 2D flat grid would be easy, however, it's just as complex as a 3D model. or maybe i have too many numbers in my head LOL.

so what I am looking for, is to be able to design a large 100x100 (that's large for ascii and all i want to work with for a test model) area that has definitive bioms. not random like in the image shown. but even perlin is leading to a dead end.

Maybe its the way I am plotting it out? I am useing a 2d array say small samples of 20x20 then cycling through with different radom formulas and putting them in the array (one of 5-7 different tiles, sand, dirt, trees, stone etc..). however, when i do, it just looks random, with trees. the actual biom is not definitive.

thanks for the reply..
(currently tinkering with a side scroll version, that was easy :-) )