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Looking for a study partner at C++, SDL and OpenGL.

29 November 2012 - 09:09 PM

Hi, First time coming to this site. I heard on a few forums this is the place to come to for help. I don't want to waste anyones time, but as the topic suggests I am looking for someone to learn C++ , SDL and eventually OpenGL with me. I am a twin so I am always used to working in a team.

Means of contact: I would much rather talk on google talk as I have found it more reliable than Skype. I am always online after 730pm eastern time zone. I am not to worried about weekends because everyone needs time to relax.

Advisory: As I am a member of the Canadian Forces Ill give you heads up when I will not be online.

final point I am running Ubuntu 12.04 I would like to study with someone also using linux or at least dual booting between linux and something else. But I am fairly easy going. I also was given alot of books from a game design course and again I really need a FTP (Fire Team Partner) to study with. I am very committed to this and I am excited to study and make new friends here.

Thanks for your time Guys and Gals.