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How to recruit programmers?

29 November 2012 - 09:13 PM

I'm completely new to this forum. I'm a college student and aspiring concept artist for games.I have recently been working on a game concept because I have heard from multiple pros that one of the best ways to land a job and stand out in the industry is to actually make a game, on top of having a great portfolio. I have very little coding experience, i have made a couple of pretty lame "escape the room" type games in flash, but thats about it, nothing impressive. I was originally going to try and code the entire game myself in flash as a point and click adventure game. However the more i look into it, the more daunting it becomes. I was thinking i should try and get a programer to help me, but i also realized i have no idea how to go about that. Especially finding somebody as passionate about the game itself as me. I was think i should have the entire game fleshed out first, but ideally should't everyone on the team be apart of the whole process? basically what i am asking is, how much information should i have to "sell" my idea for potential coders? what would you guys wanna see before you are willing to jump in a project? i'm just hoping to find some people on the internet, possibly here, to work with me. also, i should probably add that my art is very good, so i definitely provide a valuable skill set, in the end i wanna make a good game but also have some game art experience that i can show off.

any advice is appreciated,

also, i wasn't really sure where to post this thread, hopefully this is fine.