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In Topic: Is C++ too complex?

01 December 2012 - 04:47 AM

You are going to laugh me right off the site but yes C++ is way too complex.

I thought I would explore the world of C++ programming. I managed to find the NeHE site where they have tutorials written in VC++ then translated into every know flavor.
Since I want my project to be cross platform I decided to take the first tutorial and compare VC++, Linux, and Mac. losw and behold there are like 3 different Linux translations that appear throughout the 48 tutorials, another discussion. So I copied the code into a spreadsheet and low and be hold not a single line of the 3 sources line up. I do not want to consider how the differrence between Intel and ATT syntax will further my confusion.
Now granted I come from a construction and accounting background, but I got to tell you every wall in the in the world since the invention of sheet rock is built with wall studs 16" on center. Every one states that C++ is a tool box well your tool box is cluttered.
On the otherhand I axcept that what you as programmers do is art and for that I am amazed. Andas such, as artists you all have your own style. Monet's little dabs and Picasso's odd balance. But, they all used the same brushes, the same base colors.
So I am more confused as ever after this mornings work. How can Qt and Code::Blocks, whom I thought would be the best tools for my project, can they claim to...code once, code less, deploy everywhere...with such differences in coding rules and styles? So I am starting to believe my 2 programer friends when they said I am in over my head. And, after posting on 5 forums and being "viewed" by over 200 people to have only one respond has given me the insight that I am not welcomed in this particular sandbox.
But I will figure this out and my 3 year old will get his learning game.