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mousetails RPG > Dungeon levels using threading

Posted 21 December 2015

Phew, this was probably the most difficult feature to implement ever. Now it works though. A lot of you probably forgot about what project I was working on, so let me remind you: I am trying to make a isometric roguelike, with a lot of monsters and items and stuff. A game like this usually has a lot of levels, and finally, the same can be said for my game...

mousetails RPG > Multithreading!

Posted 27 September 2015

Been a bit buizy with school, but found enough time to make a system where the level is generated in a separate process. The idea is that I can use that later to pregenerate the next level while still playing the previous one. Unfortunately, I can't do much loading while the level is being generated since I don't know what type of objects will be on the m...

Week of Awsome III journal > Day 7: Finished?

Posted 16 August 2015

In addition to fixing a few bugs Eck mentioned, I thought I might need to re-balance the game for death to be more "Useful" However, I didn't want to make death usefull enough that you would try to die as much as possible. In the end, I decided to make 2 difficulty levels: Easy has a death penalty of only 50, the astroids are slower, and less enemies are...

Week of Awsome III journal > Day 6: Working build and sound effects

Posted 15 August 2015

Sound effects! Coins bleep, spaceships explode, transitions sis. Most of the effects are kinda lame, but the coin one is nice. I found this cool program that would generate sound effects called SFXR, and I used that one for the coin and the explosion. You just press "Random sound" until you get one you like.
I also added the turtle enemy. It is very slow...

Week of Awsome III journal > Day 5(allready?): Different types of enemies

Posted 14 August 2015

The game was getting kind of boring, so I added 2 types of enemies:
Yellow ring: Faster, rotates
Red shape: Shoots at you. (You have 3 lives)

I also did some stats about how beneficial death actually is to you, and I found you usually earn 30-60 points on death, which means with the death penalty of 100 poins, you usually lose points by dying. This is a...