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Journal Entries

Mousetails WoA 4 journal > Day 7 - Final

Posted 14 August 2016

Well, a friend my cousin nearly got addicted to my game, so I guess that is a good sign. It was a bit hard to get him away from the computer so I could load in the music. There are only a few minor changes, I made the spikes a bit less powerful, tweaked upgrade prices, added maximum levels to various buildings. Most of this stuff was only one line, and ba...

Mousetails WoA 4 journal > Day 6 - Second beta

Posted 13 August 2016

Apparently, there where a few game-breaking crashes in the last demo. All of them where in code I changed, like, right before the build. I just hope I don't get those types of problems for my final submission.
There where also some bugs, for example I refreshed the side bar before spawning the new citizen at the start of each day, leading to inaccurate po...

Mousetails WoA 4 journal > Day 5 - First demo and new team member

Posted 12 August 2016

Good news! A new member is joining my team. RajaDavid will compose the theme music for the game. He is a skilled neoclassicist, and I feel that theme will work very well with the theme of our game. 
To give him a feel for the game, I needed a demo copy. Since I have the build process in place now, I can easily share a build for you guys too. Initiall...

Mousetails WoA 4 journal > Day 4 - Updated menu

Posted 11 August 2016

The new main menu. There are fancy pictures next to the buttons. This was complicated because my menu system was based on putting items in 200 by 50 cells, to quickly redirect mouse input to the right widget, quickly calculate if attempting to scroll would have any effect, and allow widgets to automatically be placed in an empty cell independent of the...

Mousetails WoA 4 journal > Day 3 - Art Upgrades From A Certain Perspective

Posted 10 August 2016

I didn't have much time today, so I decided to gradually update the graphics rather than implement new features. Most of this stuff are simple blender models, with minimal effort. (Most of the work was getting them to fit into the frame). The new grass texture is actually a photo of grass, blurred, picked, and posterized into unrecognizability. I s...