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In Topic: Aspiring Game Industry Artist; where do I begin?

05 December 2012 - 06:45 PM

^^ lol, thanks Dave!

-no, i hold no grudges against Frob or anyone else around here, I get what you guys generally try to tell people. but I definitely think he completely misunderstood me the first go around. I am very much decided in my mind and heart that this is what I want for my life. so damnit, AVAST in the general... THAT WAYS direction, ho!!!!! *points towards the sea of game industry.

as for the clarity thing; I think part of the reason my original post was so long and perhaps hard to follow is that I have so much passion welled up inside me about this, and it becomes so frustrating not being able to deliver on it, to the point where i just end up spewing random details and spur of the moment feelings on the subject. when it comes down to actually writing an essay or verbally communicating, I can do that pretty well. Posted Image

^^ you know, as far as school is concerned; there is definitely a part of me that knows I should and would like to go back and get the education. it was a right place, wrong time sort of thing for me. I know it will be an even bigger commitment doing it all on my own, but I'm ready for that. I've kept in touch with one of my professors there, and he had some inspiring words for me as well on the subject.

The scariest part of this whole endeavor is the "am I good enough" factor. I struggled with this a lot at DigiPen, when I saw the work that some of my peers were producing while I was just barely able to keep my head above the fray and pass all the classes. In fact, this is part of the conversation I had with my former professor there, and he told me that he would never have passed me if I wasn't good enough to go on and succeed in the industry. this was really, really inspiring to me.

Diversify - Try out everything? what exactly do you mean? everything in the world, or do you mean diversify with different game related undertakings to see which really sticks with me? I hope the latter because, if it's all the same to you, I am going to ignore anything and anyone suggesting to me that I should give up my dream of working in the game industry. I can say that throughout the last few years of my life, which have been very rough, the resounding and emphatic lesson I have derived is that I cannot find happiness in anything other than being true to myself. living to please others has left me miserable. And as I was trying to explain before in my initial rant, Games have never left me. they have remained a great passion and interest to me my entire life, and I just have this inner call, this feeling I can't quantify but I know it exists, that this is what I have to do with my life.

criticism- yeah, I know. They taught us that at DigiPen too. most of what I make is crap, I'm aware of that. lol! but I also understand that through trial and error, perserverence and process, I can refine a piece into something I am proud of, and hopefully, others will be too.

oh dear, i had no idea 3ds max was that expensive Posted Image and i'm assuming Maya is even more so??

yup. blender it is for now.... >_<

In Topic: Aspiring Game Industry Artist; where do I begin?

04 December 2012 - 08:24 AM

^^ thanks :) yeah, i think i will stick with blender for now and make what i can in it. when i get the 200 dollars to spend freely I will just outright purchase 3ds max and hopefully eventually maya, but I need to prove to myself first that it's something I can do. blender looks very powerful and complicated, I'm not so sure why its viewed as a step down from the others but i suppose that is something one wouldn't understand being a beginner.

thanks for the replies, guys!

can anyone confirm that my list of sites is solid, or can tell me any other sites to join/go to for reference that I might have missed? to reiterate for posterity, my list of sites I was able to find is:

For community:
-this site!! (gamedev.net)
-CG society
For tutorials and hands on learning:

In Topic: Aspiring Game Industry Artist; where do I begin?

03 December 2012 - 06:36 PM

^^ thanks for the reply.

As stated, i have blender because it was free and easy to obtain, as well as the fact that I had heard it was a good program to learn with before stepping up to 3ds max and maya?

I think a goal of mine, portfolio-wise, is to have a set of character models and environments that I've built, that can be playtested to show characters and run/jump cycles, animations of that nature in real time. I would think that this is a pretty good approach because it shows exactly what I can do for the very specific medium of game art.

I know I'm getting ahead of myself with that perhaps, but that's just an idea that I have in my head for the focus/direction I'm thinking of taking.
is this sound advice or no? I cannot afford much in the way of subscriptions like that at the moment, but in a few months I should be a little more stable with finances so my options will increase then.

In Topic: Aspiring Game Industry Artist; where do I begin?

03 December 2012 - 06:20 PM

^^ well, i havent changed in the 30 minutes or so since then, so lets chalk it up to my verbosity and a miscommunication? the whole reason I am reaching out and networking is because I am passionate about this and I am set on pursuing it. the setbacks I have had in the past certainly broke my spirits, but I keep coming back to the same place, and this is only further assurance to myself that this is the career that I want and need to pursue. I cannot see myself being happy any other way.

so, as I mentioned, I had heard that blender was a good "starter" program, but you would recommend I forgo it and start out with 3ds and maya?

In Topic: Aspiring Game Industry Artist; where do I begin?

03 December 2012 - 05:27 PM

As I said, I can be verbose because I have a lot to say, because this is personal and passionate to me...
the meat and potatoes of what I'm asking for with this thread is:

which programs should a complete beginner like myself be learning and in what order? where/how to go about it in the best way?

all the rest was just an intro/backstory of myself because i find perspective is important when giving and receiving advice..