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LCTHW, opinions & a question!

07 December 2012 - 01:47 PM


I introduced myself couple of days ago.

I've been recommended to use The C Programming Language book, but I plan to use it later on since I've already started with something else. That something else is the Zed Shaw "tutorial", Learn The Hard Way.

I don't know if you guys know it but I'd like to know what's your opinion about it.

I used it to learn Python too, alongside with Invent Your Own Games With Python tutorial, and it worked, but for C I'm finding it harder, I suppose it has to be with C harder nature!

Apart from that I have another question, but since it's language-related and not game-related I hope I'm not doing wrong.

What is the difference between a pointer and a variable? As far as I've seen the uses of pointers in the tutorial I told you, they seem to work the same way. In the tuto he mentions something about bigger amounts of info, maybe I should get to structs (i don't know yet what that is :D) to understand it better? Some light over the matter would be very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance and regards!


The Journey of the Beginner

05 December 2012 - 03:23 PM

Hello everybody.

I'm new and just wanted to say hello to everybody!

All my life I've been attracted to computers, and programming concretely. I've also been in love with gaming all my life, since I was 3yo I played games. I started with the Sega Mega Drive (I'm 23yo) and the Lion King game, lol.

I tried to take a course at school, a programming course. The problem was the teachers were pretty much assholes and didn't help much, plus I had a job and didn't manage quite well with so many things going on, so I quited. I didn't need teachers that didn't help, neither help you to find the answers to your questions.

Now I'm coming back on my own to try to learn a bit. I tasted Java on the course and Python by myself, but didn't go super-deep, since I started to see that C/C++ was the language/s most used and decided to switch.

I understand the basics of programming, and already started to dive into C with the help of Zed Shaw. I'm following his tutorials.

I just wanted to know which books (paying and free) and which tutorials do you advise me to take. I'm more focused on game development. <- (I talk write too much, this is the actual and only question :D)

I already understand certain things like procedural programming and object oriented programming, arrays... At least in a basic level, don't mix it too much or I'll get lost. I could make simple games with Python and Pygame, with different stages and using OOP. Not very good aesthetics though, lol!

I also wanted to keep in touch with people who is learning too. I'm not a loner, I love to share what I do and so on, so I'd prefer to talk to more people that is on my level, we can make trials together and so on, and who knows, maybe in the future we are great programmers and work together!

I'll be back soon asking more concrete things of C... I ask forgiveness in advance if I ask asked questions, human after all.

Regards and good nite!