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In Topic: How do you make your buildings breakable?

07 April 2014 - 07:18 AM

 I do not know how the professionals do it.  I am relatively new myself to the 3D stuff.   But here is how I do it.

   I design each piece of my model separately ( Wheels, Fenders and etc. ) then I assemble them into 1 model.  I do not weld any of the meshes together.  I attach a node to each section, then I animate the model simulate explosions or damage.  By not welding the meshes together, I am able to pull them apart from each other in the animation sequence.

In Topic: What path to take in programming?

01 April 2014 - 05:32 PM

By not knowing any Java myself, before deciding to extend any more time in school, I would pick up a book at the library or bookstore covering the recommended language to see if I could make the transition from 1 to the other on my own.  ( Chances are you probably could !!).   If I felt I could, then I would shorten my stay, finish my studies and pursue something with that obtained knowledge.  If I then find that I would want to continue my studies at a later date ( within a year or 2 ) then I could always return to school, even if only part time to pick up the extra knowledge.

In Topic: Starting up

29 March 2014 - 05:17 AM

  Writing Games and Programming Games are 2 different subjects that go side by side.  While skipping simple Games such as Tic-Tac-Toe and jumping to a RPG is a leap, it is also a choice in doing something that might keep you motivated.  Using RPG Maker is along the lines of writing a game,  where you enter in all the rules and date that would make your ideal RPG game work while using someone else's programming skills to make it happen.  That would be like telling Tom Clancy your War/Conflict/Spy story and having him writing it.  ( Albeit at this point he would be a true ghost writer. )

  If you already know C++ and you want to do Game Programming ?   Your next step is to decide 2D or 3D and Pick up a book focusing on those Game programming subjects. 

I personally think a 2D book focuses more on the Game Programming side of things and the 3D books focuses more on the Graphical Rendering of 3D Objects.

Check Out Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com for titles like Game Programming For Teens, Game Programming : All in One, 3D Game Programming.  Be Careful in selecting your title, Not all books use C++,  Some use Visual Basic, TorGue or some other language.

  Now on to writing your own Game.  Most of your programming is going to involve non-graphical functions, Start by learning those.  Build a console text-based game, even start with your RPG.  All of your cout statements will eventually convert over to your graphical Rendering Functions.

  My First Game was a Text based American Football Game.  I created Data Cards for the Players,  Rolled a few Dice,  crossed the Dice Roll with the Data Elements,  Referenced a Game Play Chart,  Moved the ball if needed,  Tracked Field Positions,  Updated Downs, Scored, Tracked Time  and so on.

 I built my game 1 Function at a time.  Each Function was Just Named Above.


  Good Luck and Happy Programming

In Topic: What is the best 3D game to make first?

20 March 2014 - 05:50 AM

Interesting, Very Interesting.  My First 3D game was based off a 1980s space/Planet Exploration Game.  The Game used pixel plotting to simulate 3D Graphics.  Everything was an outline of what it was supposed to represent.  Mountains, Buildings Bridges, Spacecraft were all pixel plotted outlines.  The game had 3 difficulty levels from easy ( Strictly Exploration) to Very Difficult ( High Frequency of attacking enemies ).    There was supposed to be collision detection so that you could not fly through objects, which did not work.


So as a Beginner's First 3D Project The game was Simple.  The Game had only 2 spacecraft, yours and the enemy with geosync Space Station.  I began by building My version of these spacecraft  with the 3D modeling software and as they were completed, would animate flight in my code.  The terrain was also kept simple, Sticking to the original game premise, Only expanding it by adding different Models.


Basically, In my opinion, as a complete first 3D Game project. Keeping it simple, with a game outline that is equally simple, but that would keep a player's interest would be essential.  In the original game, the exploration required you to discover space artifacts that gave clues on how to secure the planet's safety from enemy attacks.  I accomplished this by randomly placing these items around the Terrain at the beginning of a campaign.


Again - Keeping it simple, with something as the programmer, you are interested in

In Topic: Need help with allegro in dev c++

08 March 2014 - 01:33 PM

If you used Dev-C++ install Pak for Allegro, When you start a New project you should Have 2 Allegro Templates in the Multimedia Tab.  Do Not use those templates for the code you are typing in above.

  Simply Create a Console Application and Give it another try