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Looking for C++ tutorials and projects

05 December 2012 - 06:19 PM

Hey everyone! I'm new here, so if I'm posting at the wrong place at the wrong time, wrong place at the right time, or any such combination, please forgive me. Posted Image

I've been teaching myself C++ for the past month or with the interest of developing a roguelike. I realize this is a huge undertaking, but for now this is my, big, longterm goal. Anyway, what I'm looking for right now are some good tutorial websites with project ideas to complete, preferably centered around gaming. The resources I use now are..

~~ http://www.learncpp.com/ ~~ From what I can understand, a good tutorial, but lacking in projects and ideas for application...

~~C++ for Dummies~~ Yeah, for dummies probably wasn't the best idea, but it's helped explain some concepts I've otherwise been lost on.

~~ http://ocw.mit.edu/c...nuary-iap-2011/ ~~ Open course notes with some project ideas but nothing game design oriented.

If there's anyone out there that can point me at some additional resourses, either someone experienced that knows what I should be looking for from a programming perspective, or else a fellow newbie who want to swap sites, I'd really appreciate hearing from you!

Thanks in advance!