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Character Customization, the best engine?

15 December 2012 - 12:07 PM

I love the idea of making a high level of character customization, things like body morphing and tons of model and color adjustments for the player character. Can this be accomplished with almost any engine, are there some which do it better and more effciently? Or is this type of thing dependent upon how the model is made before being imported. One big thing I want is multiple animation sets, but with Unity at least that seems straightforward wwith the right line of code.

I also have plans for the editor to be used for more than just the players, much like how you can call the console editor for your character in skyrim, or if any of you are familiar with Nrass scripts for The Sims 3 with Nras you can call a character editor for any character in the world. I want something similar to this so the player can customize pparty members upon first meet.

Action RPG, C++ and a Noob. Needing help to learn, at least a direction.

10 December 2012 - 10:18 PM

The internet being the vast place it is I've tried lately googling things as simple as "Basic game made from C++" ... Let me start over, I'm highly tech savy, have a good grasp on creative design, and understanding Software. I've taken only two coding courses whilst I was in High School, one for VB and another for Java so I'm not unfamiliar with the concept of coding because I've also done a fair amount of moding games like The Sims (1, 2 and 3) as well as The Elder Scrolls series, also plenty of time breaking down my android device and recomiling ROMs, Rooting, ect. So my ultimate goal is to make a simple RPG I can play with, I'm not worried about level design at all as much as I wish to grasp the basics of actual coding design and the interaction between the GPU, CPU and the code at hand. I seek to make a game where a character loads to a flat 3D world, some basic ground texture, a texture tree-line border and a skybox (Think Orcania of Time, minus zoning and any objects, monsters or any models other than ground and character). Upon loading the character I wish to learn how to craft a menu system, form skills and even a simple UI for something like a Skill Bar, so now we're looking more like a single zone World of Warcraft without it being Online. My goal is just to learn and develop more concrete ideas basic on actualities of software design because outside of actual design my brain is constantly bustling with design concepts for worlds, creatures and races (Usually being formulated into a D&D scenario).

My main problem: I'm overwhelmed with where to start. I feel I can grasp coding pretty well just by my nature of learning though I learn by example and explaination most googled examples I see start with "Here's a brick of code which does this" without explaining each piece, why it's there and how it's formulated. Actual graphics resources shouldn't be too hard as I'm pretty good, or ... At least good enough to get simple models crafted (Again, I'd need guidence in thinks like skeleton structure and animations!) But, that's all far ahead. I'm not expect an over night learn, by no means. Though, I figure of all places, after going through various posts here you guys are helpful enough to hopefully set me on the right track and fit a good path to go down, I'm seeking more resource links which seem to fit alongside my theorum as I need practical application to be interested so while simple 'Hello World' apps can take me only so far, if it doesn't relate to my goal I lose interest. Though I do have enough drive and passion I seek to learn!

So If you guys would be so kind, help a (hopefully) new developer learn his first steps. :3