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jms bc

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A very simple game

01 May 2013 - 12:18 PM




I read about these game jams and they make me want to do simple games that can be finished in relatively short time. I wound up between Pong and Pacman with this, I think. I wonder if it is similar to something done before. 


There are four gametypes -- capture, avoid, race, and mining.


This is an XNA game, and I'm not sure how to, or if I can, host it in a browser. The installer is untested, so unavailable though I figure people are leery of such, I know I am.


But the screenshots give a good idea of the game play -- the dots move around on the track. The tracks are enabled segments of an underlying pattern of circles and straight lines. The mining game type involves claiming sections of track, the others involve interaction with other dots (units). 1 or 2 players.


The main mechanic is reflex navigation, definitely for game pads.


Do you think a game like this could find any players? Too basic?





Dogfight: 2D plane fighting game

20 March 2013 - 02:43 PM


I think this game is ready for showing and I'm hoping I can get a bit of feedback/criticism before I move forward.


The game runs in the web browser, using microsoft's Silverlight plugin.


I'm not sure about compatibility with Mac and Linux. At one time Silverlight was supposed to work on those platforms, but I'm uncertain of the present state of affairs.




This is a local multiplayer game (1v1) but all modes are playable by a single person. I recommend the "CONQUEST" game type (shown above) for a quick look at the game, even if you are playing alone. 


I wanted a simple game that engages quickly, a short fun game without a lot preamble.


I call it RTT mostly, though I've been trying to find that RTT/RTS hybrid that I like so much.


Most of the game is in the use of the plane units to advance your cause, so I'd like to find out if that is working for the player.


I link you to my website, which is really nothing more than a launch site for the game -- there is a single page with an overview and some instructions. And there is a link to open the game in the browser. No registration or anything like that. If you don't have Silverlight installed, the browser will prompt you to download it. I've found that most Windows pcs have it installed already.





Brief history: Started in Flash, went to XNA then to Silverlight. This game has taken 75% of my hobby dev time for about 12 months, not continuous. I just wanted something with a flying unit and enough stuff to require balancing. I made all of the mistakes along the way.