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In Topic: Replacement for Xna?

31 August 2013 - 05:53 AM

If you want exactly the same as XNA, you should go with MonoGame. You can use your existing code (if you already started learning it) and it even works on different platforms. They're actively working on it and also adding more features.


If you want to have more features and "convenience stuff", you could go with Unity, like runonthespot mentioned. However, I'd suggest waiting until the native 2D tools are released, because working with Unity 2D Frameworks isn't that much fun, although I've only used "Orthello 2D". I heard 2D Toolkit is good, but also costs $60 or something like that.


Other than that, I don't really know of any more good C# libraries/frameworks that are kinda like XNA.

In Topic: ? I want to make a Video Game. How do I do "this" and "that" ?

08 July 2013 - 09:06 AM

I agree with pretty much everything that was already said and also suggest using Lua + Löve or C# and Unity. I also went to your website and checked out your "game plans", and I have to say, you shouldn't have such high expectations. You should start with really simple games, like a Pong, and then go up and do some space shooter stuff or Breakout. Of course, this all depends on what tools you use and what exactly you want to learn.


All I want to say is: Don't think you can start the ultimate project that will destroy all existing ones in a few months. Even in your first few games you will notice that there's difficult stuff you probably never even thought off.