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In Topic: What is mostly use multi flatform GUI library WXW? or something else

30 April 2013 - 07:32 PM

I use Qt for all my window needs, even if my app is not going to be cross platform. I highly recommend it. (note: if you use Qt, I suggest you go to qt-project.org (not qt.digia.com), because that's where the open source Qt community lives (qt.digia.com focuses on commercial services)).


However, I've never used it for a game. I've used it for tools and other programs. But when it comes to an actual game, I typically code a custom OpenGL GUI system.


In short, if I want a "native look and feel" to a window, I use Qt. If I want a GUI for a game, I write it myself, so I don't have experience with other OpenGL/D3D GUI systems to recommend.



Thank you kind words..


I saw many QT support on many free sources.. Hmm


I must check QT.. :)


Did you use WXW? or MFC before?


IF you can plz tell me diffrerence



In Topic: What is mostly use multi flatform GUI library WXW? or something else

20 April 2013 - 10:31 AM

What GUI toolkit you should chose does sometimes depend on what kind of result you want. The two big cross-platform ones are wxWidgets and Qt.

wxWidgets is just a thin wrapper around the platforms native controls, so it will always use the native GUI widgets of the platform, while Qt simluates them instead. This can cause subtle differences between your program and other programs on the platform. If that is a big deal to you, wxWidgets might be better. If it's not, you could use Qt.

Quiet brilliant message


thanks.. Wxw is very similiar with MFC all my current works with MFC so It's easiest thing..


I never heard about QT thanks yeah , Wxw may start with MFC to global. I can see at a glance as you.


Hmm I hope people like WXW.. I try to use that for my main flatform


but I must take a look at about QT.


A little difference about appearance not that much bad point I assume. and It's open source I can add features thanks GOD!


thanks wack

In Topic: Hi .. how much get paid top 3D engine developper at major company?

15 April 2013 - 02:52 AM

I hope so too. I'm very disappointed and very sad and shock..


I'm not that kind of human being :(


what a...

In Topic: Hi .. how much get paid top 3D engine developper at major company?

14 April 2013 - 08:02 PM

I have heard Valve pays better than average, but if you only care about money you would be better off at Morgan Stanley, where I made $300,000 per year, for the one whole day that I worked there (screw non-game programming, no matter the salary!).


But I feel I have an obligation to mention to you that it likely doesn’t matter, since it is unlikely you would ever be able to maintain such a job.

I think your posts are funny and it is cute how you have no concept of humility at all, but unfortunately I do not represent a standard coworker, and even I wouldn’t really enjoy working with you in real life either.  It’s funny as long as it is once-in-a-while and just a few online posts, but if I had to sit next to you and listen to your constant bragging all day long it would get old fast.


Working with you is likely impossible for any human being, so it really doesn’t matter what skills you have (or think you have).



L. Spiro




What a XXX( I don't know expression about this but not good expression maybe)


I did nothing but just saying truth.


If you feel bad about truth about me. it's all up to you not me.


I always try to help others. 


but why I must not tell to others  straight? I live honorable and honest work (as I think) so I can be straight about that.


I'm honest I proud what I am. and I never push you admit about my work. 


Jealous or envy or suspicious to other is nature for weak . not strong man.


It may so tough in your country living as game programmer.


but how about not attack how about try to listen or truthfully take a relation with me.


If I'm not top class or not. at least you can have a friend . a honest and straight.


It's disapoint outside Korea and even this forum. still there attacking people about honest words.


I never try to attack others and not to teaching others. because it's no use for me.


I ask about money and career issue . how can I tell you or other people underestimate my career and work.?


If I need correct number or something I must tell exactly what I am. and I did that, that's all..


Modesty. It may be your problem. because I never try to teaching or make a lesson. as always I accept as you are. and if you are reliable human being I listen you any time. and try to help. not teaching or cursing or something bad or make you down.


life is too short especially game programmer for using C++ After 12 years passed I convince what I do. and I realize that just recently.


but okay we can avoid each others not to harm each others 

In Topic: Hi .. how much get paid top 3D engine developper at major company?

13 April 2013 - 09:44 PM

It's very hard to give you a number value, even more so when you're claiming to be a genius. You'll get what someone is willing to pay for you, which means that you will have to apply for jobs and see what kind of figures you'll be hearing. It depends a lot on your ability to directly or indirectly sell yourself.

The closest you'll get is the article Tom pasted, I'm afraid.



okay Thanks  I must contact people... In Korea I call 150,000-200,000$ for salary. they admit the number but they don't have money. ah.. 


so I now work 2days a week at 42000$ and very easy job and promising supporting my own business and future my department on their company...


Hmm very little money.. but I'm very sick(depression or bipolar). and It's so rare chance ,  work just 2 days in Korea . so I grab this..


Thank you anyway ^__^