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need help

14 December 2012 - 11:58 AM


i seriously need help ,
the goal :
1) expert game programmer and developer 2d 3d .
2) write my own game engine (not necessarily in the near future)

what i have :
i'm a student at a computer since faculty so i know :
1) c++,java,c - real good
2) algorithms , graphs , data structures .....
2) oop (object oriented programming)
3) OS (linux kernel)
4) maths (physics math , algebra and differential math)

i know opengl ES 2d i have developed a 2d game for android ,
so i know the basic concept of game programming .


my question are :

1) where to start , i mean if you can really answer this professionally i'll be thankful ,
advise me some books and please let it be the kind of books that doesn't say we'll use this flag and this parameter
but the kind of books that explain why , explain all the parameters where do they come from and how they are calculated ....(detailed stuff for experts) ??

2) i took a look at the "table of content " of the gems book series (game programming gems game engine gems graphics gems and GPU gems ) and i have to say i laaaaughed ... i was quite shocked of the amount of information one needs to know.
i want to know if i really need to know that stuff ??? and how the hardware are related to game programming , i mean why do you need to do different version of code to match different hardwares ???

note : by the way i want to program in opengl .

thanks for any help .