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Quick Questions.

17 January 2013 - 09:08 AM

Alright, so I'm wanting to bring about a project with a couple of my friends, i'm the lead design guy practically. I'm wondering what makes certain games great?


MMOs? I've played 5 or 6, most have an "Area storyline" to follow, Leveling is extensive and a good amount is dealing with Multiplayer, wiether its PvE or PvP


RPGs? I've played like 13-16, and a good portion of modern games are getting parts of the RPG formula.


TPA(Third Person Action) I've played a couple, and I do not mean third person shooters, what I mean is; Assassin's Creed, God of War, Darksiders, etc. I don't know the actual genre to these sort of games.


FPS, From Call of Duty and Battlefield to Bioshock and Half-life. What makes them great?


RTS, Warcraft 3 to Tower Defenses. what makes an RTS so great to play?


Puzzle/Platformer; Mario, Kirby, Most nintendo games, or Portal and some Popcap games (Peggle, Zuma, etc.) what makes you think?


Fighter; from Party fighters like SSB(Super Smash Bros.) and Playstation Allstars battle royale to Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat..?




I'm planning to make a whole bunch of GameMaker or Unity3d games before I get into college,

And I've been wondering what makes these games so great? Is there a basic Template to this sorta thing? (from Level Design to UI Design.)


I do not plan on starting until February.









I've got a Feeling

15 January 2013 - 09:51 AM

Alright so, I've decided to go ahead with the game i was planning earlier in 2012,


It's going to be RPG-ish and it will be simple 8-bit graphics.


The problem i'm finding is which side of the team do I want to be on, I've collected friends from my school to help me out, a Programmer and a Artist. I'm more of a design sort of guy, and I've been willing to help out with both of them. 


I love designing game levels and stuff, I lack the artistic capabilities of my friend (I have like 30% of his talent) and I'm 2 years behind the programmer buddy,  so is there a best of both worlds to this?




A Kid that's 15 a needs some place to get started

15 December 2012 - 01:15 PM

Intro Feel free to skip, if you wish.
Alright so I'm 15, I'm a freshman in High School, I'm thinking of making an indie game or one with a really small team.

I've had a tad bit of experience in making games, I make game level's on Unity 3d all the time, I've once had to make game like Amnesia: The Dark Descent for a science project in Unity, but I finished it within a couple of hours. I've made plenty of games on RPG Maker VX, 001 Game Maker, and Game Maker Studio.

The only thing I honestly believe helps me with the game i have in mind is the Unity game I had to make for a Science project.

The Game Itself

The Idea came to me when I was playing board games with my family the other night, we were playing a game called Munchkin, It was like D&D without the crazy Roleplay stuff and on a game board with cards. In the game, there was always at the beginning of a turn 'Kick Down The Door' phase, which was basically 'Random Encounters' but included Curses, Traps, Class or Race Cards and sometimes Treasure. I loved that Idea, after you kick down the door, you can either 'Loot the Room' or 'Look for Trouble', where you can pick up any 'Kick Down the Door' card and put it in your hand, while the latter you can choose a monster from your hand to fight.

I loved all of those Ideas, I want to incorporate these ideas but I have no Idea how i Will do it without using 'Cards'. I would prefer to not deal with cards, but if there really isn't a way to use those ideas without the cards, then i'll use cards.

The other inspiration i got was from playing a F2P Indie Game named 'Realm of the Mad God' It had 6 or 7 maps per server, and for every map it was expansive, Almost endless. the monsters were the same, and the terrain was easy to recognize no matter how random the maps were. it had a small class system where you had to level other classes to get to the one you enjoy. It played like Diablo, 1 and 2. It was pixelated. It reminded me a little of Minecraft in a way. I could bring friends a long to help me on my aimless journey. the best part of it, Random Dungeons would appear, I loved it.

I want to use the cards Idea, but I love the Realm of the Mad God. I want to somehow combine both.

This is the world map; The Light green is Villages, Light Blue is Major towns, and Dark Blue is The Capital.

Attached File  303772_484743271564678_2074689641_n.jpg   91.57KB   73 downloads
(Picture has bad quality. I apologize)

Where to start?

Where do I start with a project like this? I want the game to have its own engine. Where do I find great tutorials for this sort of thing? are there tutorials for making very simple yet effective Pixelated Spirtes? and any suggestions would be great. Thanks GameDev.net Community. I apologize for any errors, my laptop is fucked up. Posted Image