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#5024234 Which engine is the most appropriate for this kind of game?

Posted by on 22 January 2013 - 03:15 AM

I love game maker Dearly , it was th first game engine i really got my hands on and it can definitely accomplish exactly what you're asking for. not to mention  that since you are not programmer Game maker is made to make developing a game as simple as possible but really all you would need to know is how to tweak a few variables in order to accomplish what you want. yeah i would definitely give game maker a try and unless you are artistically gifted find the a ice sprite sheet you don't mind using. Good luck and have fun!

#5015086 How easy is it to collaborate on a game remotely?

Posted by on 28 December 2012 - 09:36 AM

i'm curious do you mean this more in a software sense or a manpower sense / as far as establishing a repository somewhere and giving access to several individuals to work on the project  that is extremely easy and as long as you have around $100 somewhere you should be able to establish a cheap and accessible setup to all your team members. As far as completing a project , making sure it's done on time, ensuring that everyone is on the right page and maintains the same version as often as possible ? well that's an entirely different story and based on the experience, communication skills, and  team dynamics of your team .  It is a very vague question and yes it is possible  ( I work in calfornia with  a programmer in argentina daily).  However viewing a few other responses it seems like maybe you are putting the carriage before the horse a little . If you don't have the resources or ability to make a game yet then trying to plan out how to establish an extensive network for yourself and multiple developers to work on a game is pleasant info sure but considering how complicated something can get and how quickly it can get complicated i would make sure that you had a solid foundation on how to develop games by yourself .