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Any solid resources for Game expos/ events?

02 May 2013 - 02:39 AM

 Hey Guys I was at the office when an artist coworker of mine brought up the production pipeline expo, it has some game development related discussions but overall it tends to be more artist- centric if the topics are anything to go by. So I was curious to know if there are any resources that cover game development  expos / conferences besides the obvious industry  giants such as PAX,  GDC, E3   ?  I know I have read about a few online through my linkedin connections and groups but usually those are more based around monetization and the business side of game development  thanks!

How do you feel about Game Previews?

19 February 2013 - 06:18 AM

Hello Everyone so gamasutra  has an interesting article  where there writer essentially dissects the purpose of game Previews.  Essentially after being  showed a very controlled presentation on the beginnings of Bungies next project  the writer pretty much asks what's the purpose of game previews if  the only outcome of them is to be a glorified early sales pitch ( more or less).


So being an avid gamer and at one time a huge Gaming magazine fan ( I have subscribed to PC gamer, EGM, OXM, gamepro, Nintendo Power, and regularly bought PSN for a while). I have to say in recent years i have lost a lot of love for gaming - related media and especially magazine and website  previews .   really the best sales pitches to me are either Giant Bomb quick look vids and let's plays on youtube which generally tend to show me the good , bad, and ugly of games  but also give me a better idea of exactly what I am getting when i buy a game. 


So My question is how do you guys feel about gaming media ? do you trust previews ...and * shudder* reviews ? Do they affect your decision to purchase a game at all ?  What does affect your decision to pick up one title over another ? Just asking for curiosities sake  , it's not too often  that the gaming press tends to analyze itself ( or not the sites i read at least) so i would love to know what other gamers think!

"So I have an Idea for a game........."

19 December 2012 - 03:55 AM

Hey All i am a young developer and in the past year I have been amazed at how many times i have heard the topic title statement from people who mean it in a funny way ( such as my mother) to people who honestly think they have the formula for the next skyrim and with a little of my time and effort they could bring it to life (Sadly usually their idea is neither that great and i am not nearly that skilled ). So I was curious how do you guys respond when someone with no game development experience attempts to begin a conversation topic like this?

How do I gauge How much i'm worth?

16 December 2012 - 04:06 PM

Hi Guys I am still a fairly young Developer having less than a year total worth of professional game development experience but i have worked on 4 mobile titles so far in the past year ( 3 actually published on the app store and one in development). My question is how do I as a Junior Programmer value my work going forward ? When I received my first Programming job last april in all honesty the Dollar amount was not what concerned me because I have heard countless times the hardest hurdle to jump for being a game developer is breaking into the industry . i was paid about $33,000 to work with a mobile game start up and they told me they would re-assess my salary 6 months onward( which never happened because the entire development team was laid off 7 months later) . During that time I learned an extraordinary amount and had plenty of awesome mentors to work under so when I was laid off I was actually really excited to put all i worked on into practice and excitedly i developed 5 really simple but playable game prototypes in the month after being laid off. Recently i took on am mobile position that pays roughly the same but may average to slightly more because instead of working on fixed salary I make hourly wages as a contractor .

Still to be honest i feel like i bit the bullet this time, whereas at my last job I was hired straight out of college , this team hired me for roughly the same price while being less experienced, demanding slightly more of my job requirements( which has been a great learning experience to be honest), and offering a much more disjointed game development team composed only of contractors. I can at least say I was encouraged by my former producer ( who has worked in the game industry for over a decade)to take on the new job just to have a job to work on before Christmas.

Anyhow after all that I guess my question is how do I best assess how much I should earn? i don't want to sound cocky or arrogant for turning down offers that are less than i desire but also now that I have a few titles under my belt I do feel like i bring a certain level of knowledge and experience to a project even if it is very minimal . Any and all suggestions are appreciated , thanks!