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#5110773 Money and your Character, how would you make earning money fun?

Posted by bhawk245 on 20 November 2013 - 09:32 AM

I've observed a fairly large amount of methods to inject money into your player. You will never really get around "the grind" unless you add passive elements to your system.

-Bounties(similar to monster coin idea)
-generic loot
-special monsters who drop very special and expensive loot
-monsters dropping actually money
-through npcs(via gifts/random quests/jobs)
-Trading (buy low in one town, sell higher in the next)

-Owning specific items and "renting" them out.
-Bank accumulating interest
-Giving loans to npcs
-Owning stores that accumulate the money npcs spend at them
-Owning a crystal mine or any other form of raw materials producer to make money.

There are a lot of different options, and it really all depends on how in depth you want a character to be within your game world.

#5105979 Looking for feedback on UI components (Video)

Posted by bhawk245 on 31 October 2013 - 10:09 AM


Do you mean like, vertical yellow bars across the gauge to segment it?



Yes, though I did not have yellow in mind tongue.png. Here's an example:





It could look odd if some weapons' cooldown were accounted for and others weren't?

Also, I'm anticipating that most weapons will take 2+ seconds to reload. The values I'm using right now are simply random because I didn't get around to creating the external XML balancing document yet for these.

My thought was that there'd be at least two categories of weapons, one that fires rapidly(think pew pew lasers) and one that takes a significant time to charge/reload(seems like your rockets belong to this category). The rapid fire category wouldn't be that interesting to display the charge bar for.


Alternatively you could use circular gauges for each weapon, you could colorize these by weapon type as well without getting a rainbow bar effect.



Honestly, I'd scrap the recharge bar unless you've actively selected the ship. It seems to add a ton of clutter to the screen that is unnecessary. I'd display the health bar and maybe add a separate UI element on the bottom or the top of the screen to view the details(like your charge bar) for the actively selected ship.

#5105085 non combat ships

Posted by bhawk245 on 28 October 2013 - 11:45 AM

If you want people to use the civilian ships you need to make it the foundation of your in-game economy. Players are not going to use something that isn't deemed necessarily useful to a large extent. For example in Sins of a Solar Empire the trade depots are used widely, because they are your second form of credit generation after planetary taxes.


You want to make these civilian ships ESSENTIAL to running your space empire. You need to make their addition to your economy significant enough to a point where it isn't worth it to change a space liner into a nuclear barge. War costs money, you will have to give up your economic growth to have a massive military fleet. To go further you want to make them worthwhile to attack and protect as well, forcing conflict and players to have warships during times of peace. You want to balance the game in that direction.