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Programmer Rami

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A Paranoid Programmer

17 December 2012 - 07:00 AM

hey awesome community of gamedev,
I'm really sick and I can't stop thinking. I want to be the best game programmer ever and I want to learn everything. ofc no one will learn everything so I want to learn most of the things.

I want to be good with engines like unity and I want to be good in making engines, I want to be good in both hardware and software and I want to have acceptiple skills in 3Ds max and character animation. I want to master C++ and I want to be good in C#. I want to create my dream game in Unity after I finish my current project and also I want to make my own 2D engine ( maybe 3D engine later).

the thing is.. I feel it's not enough.. when I uae unity I feel that am not a good game programmer and I really think that professionals wouldn't call it game programming unless I make my own engine starting from OpenGL. I'm really lost I can't concentrate on one path at each time one day I work on my 2D engine with OpenGL and SDL and other day I work on my other project in Unity and the other day I do some 3Ds max modeling am really lost.. I just felt like letting all out with ppl like me.. thanks for lsitening.