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In Topic: C++ Engine Layout

18 December 2012 - 09:12 AM

Well, interesting insights!

The problem with class Engine or class Module (e.g. Renderer or Physics or Audio) is that those classes have waayyy too many responsibilities, so much so that you're not really using "OO" design any more.

Hmm.. but as far as my interests go, I don't really want to make an 100% pure theoretically correct OO design so my teacher would give me a trophy. For me OO is a Tool that makes it easier to write and maintain complex systems.

Maybe it's time for some experiments, I'll try to break the dependencies to a bare minimum as suggested by L. Spiro.

But there are some "Modules" that virtually every class/module should have access, for instance, I have a class called Config that reads configurations from a LUA file. Almost all other module uses it, so now my solution is to pass it a reference in the constructor, witch seems right now. A friend suggested a Singleton but I think that this is completely misplaced. Another matter of global access is a Log file that I have. I managed it to get fully static, but I don't know if that`s a good idea either, but I definitely don't want to pass it around always...